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Wemade chose LINE for Japan publishing

Wemade Entertainment announced they made the strategic cooperation contract with NHN Japan. They will release mobile games through LINE, NHN Japan’s social messenger platform. The first game will be Chaos&Defense.

Wemade chose Kakao Talk for publishing mobile games in Korea. The reason they chose LINE for Japan service is solely because of their business needs. Wemade thinks Japan as the biggest content distribution market. Especially, the size of Mobile game market is the biggest in Asia, Wemade thinks Japan as the most important market. They chose LINE because it is the leading social messenger in Japan.

LINE has 60 million users all over the world. It broke the record of 25 million users in Japan only and ranked as #1 in Japan as a social messenger. LINE recently launched LINE GAME to publish mobile games through it.

Wemade will present 6 mobile games in TGS 2012 include Arc Sphere.

Kakao Talk became the most favorable mobile game distribution platform in Korea

Kakao Talk, the most popular mobile phone messenger in Korea, proves itself as an influential distribution platform for mobile games.

After it launched Kakao Game for Android on the 30th of July, games from it dominated Google Play Free-App rank – 7 of Top 10 Free games are linked with Kakao Game.

Ani Pang stands as #1 for Google Play Free Game rank and for Top sales rank. Another game called I Love Coffee reached 100 million Won (US $88,215) revenue.

The main reason for their popularity is that they are linked with Kakao Talk messenger. Users could invite their friends in Kakao Talk list to the games and play together.

Wemade Entertainment who invested US $22 million to Kakao Talk is the main beneficiary because not only their games such as Viking Island and Rhythm Scandal have been succeeded through Kakao Talk, but also their share value has been up 15.21%. Share value for Barunson Games also went up just right after they announce their games will be published through Kakao Talk.

Kakao Games will be available for iOS pretty soon.

Game Center launches for Kakao Talk

Wemade uses Kakao Talk, the largest smartphone messenger in Korea, as a smartphone game marketing platform.

Kakao Talk will launch ‘Game Center’ within it from the end of May. The main purpose of the game center will have users of Kakao Talk to play smartphone games from Wemade Entertainment. The game center is going to launch games from Wemade only until they secure stability of the service. Wemade will prepare special mini games only for Kakao Talk.

After launching the game center, smartphone games from Wemade will go abroad as well. ‘Chaos&Defense’ will be available in the U.S. as well as China, Japan. ‘Rhythm Scandal’ will be serviced through Shanda in China.

Wemade will release various smartphone games during the first half of the year – Chaos&Defense, Rhythm Scandal, Pet Island, Hero Square etc. Wemade is currently working on more than 40 smartphone game projects.

Wemade Entertainment is a share investor of Kakao Talk.