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JCE changed as Joycity

JCE, the developer of Freestyle and Rule The Sky, changed its name as Joycity.

The reason to change is uniting the brand. JCE stands for Joycity Entertainment and the title of their gaming portal is Joycity. Therefore, the company changed the name as the same as the portal.The company also changed the articles of association. Previously, the company’s purpose of business was ‘Data Processing/Related Software Developing and Consulting’. The new one is ‘Developing and distributing mobile/online game software’.

Since the revenue from mobile games is occupying 49.1% of the total revenue, mobile games has become important for the company. JCE established MDR(Mobile Development Research) center during January and revealed the brand new mobile game called ‘Rule The Zoo’.


JCE focus on Mobile gaming.

JCE carried out a reshuffle to put its capability on mobile gaming business on the 1st of January. It launched Mobile Game Development Center with 20% of JCE developers.

JCE plan to release about 10 mobile games releasing this year. Rule the Sky is the biggest successful SNG from JCE so far. The revenue from mobile game was overcome online game during the 3rd quarter, 2012; is $26 million vs. $21 million.

It has been known that JCE is not developing any online games for 2013. A person from JCE told “We are focusing on developing mobile games for a while.”

Typical Korean game companies start recruiting new people

Typical  Korean online game companies like Nexon, NHN starts recruiting new people.

Nexon will hire more than 100 new talented people this year. Nexon has subsidiary companies like Neople(Dungeon&Fighter), Nexon Mobile, Gamehi(Sudden Attack). About 10,000 people applied to Nexon last year for 100 opened jobs.

Dragonfly, best known for the developer of Special Force, Karma Online and Soldier of fortune Online, recruit new people for the first time since the company was established in 1995.

JCE, best known for Freestyle, is also looking for new talented people for programming, designing, Marketing&PR as well as Global business.

NHN is recruiting new people for software developments, IT service, e-Biz etc. Ncsoft will announce recruitment soon as well.

[GigaMedia] Invest US$ 6.2 million in JCE

gigaGigaMedia, a Taiwan-based Entertainment Service firm, invested 8.2 billion Won (US$ 6.2 million) in JCE as taking up 12.5% shares of the company. The investment agreement put GigaMedia as the second largest shareholder of JCE.

GigaMedia owns a Shanghai-based online game operator T2CN, which is a local?publishing?partner of FreeStyle, JCE’s street basketball game.

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[Korea] Weekly Update – reupdated

Dragonball Online (MMORPG)

GA2 (Get Amped 2, Action RPG)

  • Developer/ Publisher: WindySoft
  • Status: 1st CBT (9/15~20)

Howling Sword (하울링 소드: Kor, Action RPG)

  • Developer: Joymaster Interactive
  • Publisher:?EST Soft
  • Status: 1st CBT (9/25)
  • Previsouly software company EST Soft debuted as online game publisher

Three Kingdoms (三國志 Online: Jap, 삼국지: Kor)

Valkyrie Sky (발키리 스카이: Kor, Shooting)

1000do Online 2 (천도 (天道): 피의 관문: Kor, MMORPG)

  • Developer/ Publisher:?Lizard Interactive
  • Status: CBT (9/24~27)
  • Renewal of the origianal game