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Competing with 100 Players in Robot Battles ‘warbot.io’ Rolls Out Globally

Seoul, South Korea. November 22nd, 2017 – Wondersquad, Inc. announced the global availability of  Warbot.io.

Warbot.io heads to iOS and Android this week, making the leap from itch.io and Facebook. Now mobile players can join in on the game’s epic robot battles, which pit up to 100 players against each other. With cross-platform support, you’ll be able to play against others no matter what device they’re using. Warbot.io is a modern day robot battle that aims to capture the spirit of old-school arcade fun that’s accessible to any player.

The game offers 5 robots with different weapons such as machine guns, missiles, canon, flamethrower, and a shotgun. Players can participate in a Free for All or Last One Standing modes. There are many traps and elements placed throughout the game such as gravity field or exploding drums which keeps players on their toes. The robots can be customized by adding upgrade parts to boost its attack and or defense.

Warbot.io is a first title from Wondersquad, a new company founded last year by the former CEO of Ntreev Soft, Kwan Hee Seo. The game takes place in a ‘robot simulation to prepare for earth annihilation’. There are unique robot types to suit various gameplay preference which add tactics, strategy and fast action to the gameplay element.

‘I have fond memories of trying to beat high scores at the arcade when I was a kid. I wanted to bring back that feeling of being able to compete with others on high scores without much entry barrier. I hope players are able to discover their competitiveness through warbot.io and not stress about having to make any purchase’, said Kwan Hee Seo.

Warbot.io is now available for free on Google Play and Apple App Store. PC players can simply head to the official web site(www.warbot.io) on their browser and start playing. The game is readily available on Facebook through www.facebook.com/warbotio as well.

About Wondersquad

Founded in 2016 by Kwan Hee Seo, Wondersquad is development studio specializing in online and mobile games. Kwan Hee Seo is known for his tenure as a creative director at Sonnori and as a CEO at Ntreev Soft. He has lead development teams responsible for games such as ‘White Day’, ‘Pangya’ and ‘Alicia Online’. Located on Seoul, Gangnam, the company is focused on creating games with high quality development and detailed graphics to bring enjoyable multi-player games to life. Wondersquad’s mission is to make games beloved by the gamers from all over the world for a long time to come.


iOS : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/warbot-io/id1193508711?mt=8

Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wondersquad.warbotio

warbot_illustrationFor inquiries, please contact

Kowoon Choi, (Marketing & Community Manager)
e-mail: nemo@wondersquad.com

The Fascinating Clicker RPG “Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” is now available in the global App Store

The Fascinating Clicker RPG “Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” of FUNPLE (FUNPLE STREAM in Tokyo) is now available in the global App Store.



Tokyo, Japan. October 25th, 2017 – Good news for the clicker RPG fans and gamers: The brand new mobile clicker RPG is now available in 140 countries’ Global market with 15 languages: “Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” can be downloaded from the APP Store now.

“Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” has been co-developed with FUNPLE STREAM in Tokyo and QUANTUM BIT in Seoul. Based on the 15 languages support, simple game control with various contents and attractive game story, “Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” is aiming the global gamers’ interest.

“Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” has been developed as top quality of mobile IDLE RPG and providing excellent game contents and easy system for the convenience of the user;

l  Character collection: over 70 various characters collecting and upgrading.

l  Time loop: endless time loop to get a time stone for the character growth.

l  Item crafting: easy collecting of resource during the gameplay and simple crafting method.

l  Offline mode: user can proceed a game even in the offline after running a game.

l  PVP & PVE: various dungeons and boss raid, ranking based user competition in the arena.

Also, the game story of “Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” is providing additional fun and interest to the user. The poor family’s young Knight apprentice ‘Arthur’s journey for the glorious heroic victory with his friends has described in the game story pleasantly.

Moreover, “Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” is free to play and gives no stress even to the non-paying user. With these user-friendly game service, this game has updated new server for North America and Asia.

In addition, the FUNPLE STREAM is going to proceed various launching event and update for the user;

l  New episode 2: Stone Golem Saga with 5,000 stages including new eastern 8 heroes

l  Cash item discount event: 20% of discounts to the user who purchases all cash item

l  Character collection event: to the user who collects an alphabet of FUNPLE within the game.

l  In-game community event: the operational in-game event provides through the “FUNPLE Story”, the in-game community.

FUNPLE STREAM is also planning to release “Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” to the Amazon Store within 2017.



FUNPLE STREAM in Tokyo, Japan is a game publishing company of FUNPLEWORKS (www.funple.com) of Seoul, Korea. Since 2013, FUNPLE STREAM diversified services including game operation, marketing and publishing for the entire game services with the best game companies such as NC soft, Blizzard, etc. FUNPLE STEAM seeks to evolve with the online and mobile game by investing in innovation, providing a hospitable environment for partners, and staying close to the user.

iOS : https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1270593443

Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.funple.game.endlessdungeon.g


For inquiries, please contact


Soojin, Lim (822) 3454-0608


Team based Action RPG ‘Hunters League’ launches today globally


  • Featuring Cross-platform play among iOS, Android and PC via Facebook Gameroom
  • Collect various weapons to change hunter characters’ roles for each combat
  • Control each or the whole team of three hunters in real time to enjoy intuitive actions


Seoul, South Korea – August 22, 2017 – O’olBlue Inc. is pleased to announce the global launch of Team Action RPG ‘Hunters League’ throughout over 140 countries.

Hunters League is available at Google Play, Apple App Store and Facebook Gameroom for PC users and supporting seamless cross-platform play.

Hunters League is the team based action RPG with unique intuitive game play system (shoot, dodge, target, hit) applied to each character or the whole team of three at once. Players would play the game strategically controlling the actions and the skills of three hunters. And can change hunters’ combat roles by switching weapons with unique skills. In addition, players could confront each combat with different strategy by using Weapon Alteration System.

Neat character arts created by 3D hand-drawing graphics and various cosmetic skins truly define Hunters League unique. Players also join PvP battles at Arena and Resources War.

Nam Seok Kim, CEO of O’olBlue says “I am glad to introduce Hunters League featuring the cross-platform play. The game contains our core developing DNA -Action and Tactical Fun. We would like to step closer to global gamer and stand out to build fan-based global community for better communication through Hunters League.”

Hunters League requires low specification to allow more users to enjoy the game pleasantly. There will be more language options later this year. O’olBlue will support global cross-platform play through all of its games planned to develop in the future.

Developer: O’olBlue Inc.

Publisher: O’olBlue Inc.

Genre: Action RPG

Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Price: Free

Launch date: August 17th, 2017


Download link

Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/kr/app/hunters-league-weapon-masters-art-of-battle-war/id1198833150?l=en&mt=8

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oolblue.hunters

Facebook Gameroom: https://go.onelink.me/w9cB?c=thisis

Official community: https://www.facebook.com/HuntersLeagueGlobal

Hunters League_1024x576

Weekly Korean Mobile Ranking – 2nd Week of July

July 7 ~ July 13
Top Free Games Top Revenue Games
Ranking Title Title
1 Battle Cat Blade for Kakao
2 Birth of Hero for Kakao Taming Monsters for Kakao
3 Be My Slave for Kakao Anipang2 for Kakao
4 Summoner’s War Everyone’s Marble for Kakao
5 Legendary Raiders for Kakao Seven Knights for Kakao
6 Dragon Hunter for Kakao Clash of Clans
7 The King of Fighters M for Kakao FIFA Online 3M
8 FIFA Online 3M Be a Star! for Kakao
9 Pongdang Pongdang Story for Kakao Cookie Run for Kakao
10 Second Earth Shinmoo for Kakao
Top Free Games Top Revenue Games
Ranking Title Title
1 FC Circus Charlie Clash of Clans
2 Cat Battle Taming Monsters for Kakao
3 Clash of Clans Blade for Kakao
4 Taming Monsters for Kakao Everyone’s Marble for Kakao
5 Game of War – Fire Age Summoner’s War
6 2048 Seven Knights for kakao
7 Everyone’s Marble for Kakao Anipang2 for Kakao
8 World of Tanks Blitz Be a Star! for Kakao
9 Second Earth Candy Crush Saga for Kakao
10 MMX Racing Cookie Run for Kakao

20140618190537_6394 20140703183505_5792

Weekly Korean Mobile Ranking – 1st Week of July

June 30 ~ July 6
Top Free Games Top Revenue Games
Ranking Title Title
1 Be My Slave for Kakao Blade for Kakao
2 Battle Cat Taming Monsters for Kakao
3 Shinmoo for Kakao Seven Knights for Kakao
4 FIFA Online 3M Anipang2 for Kakao
5 Legendary Raiders for Kakao Everyone’s Marble for Kakao
6 Don’t Tap the White Tile FIFA Online 3M
7 Farm Heros Saga for Kakao Clash of Clans
8 Clash of Clans Be a Star! for Kakao
9 Toy Battle for Kakao Wooparoo Saga for Kakao
10 Blue Three Kingdoms Cookie Run for Kakao
Top Free Games Top Revenue Games
Ranking Title Title
1 Clear Vision 3 Clash of Clans
2 World of Tanks Blitz Blade for Kakao
3 Clash of Clans Everyone’s Marble for Kakao
4 2014 KBO Seven Knights for kakao
5 Game of War – Fire Age Taming Monsters for Kakao
6 2048 Summoner’s War
7 Everyone’s Marble for Kakao Anipang2 for Kakao
8 Welcome to the Dungeon Be a Star! for Kakao
9 True Skate Cookie Run for Kakao
10 Anipang2 for Kakao Magu Magu 2014 for Kakao

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