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NEXON recorded $1.38 billion in revenue

NEXON announced 4th quarter revenue as well as revenue for 2012 on 13th through TSE(Tokyo Stock Excahnge). NEXON recorded $1.38 billion for 2012 revenue, which 24% is increased comparing to 2011. Revenue in Japan has been increased a lot since NEXON acquired Gloops, a mobile game company.

NEXON declared that they are going to approach to the Japanese mobile game market more aggressively with the acquiring of Gloops in last October. According to the announcement, NEXON recorded $130 million revenue during the 4th quarter of 2012 in Japan only, which 72% is increased comparing to the same period in 2011. Considering NEXON recorded $91.5 million revenue for the 4th quarter in Korea, Japan market’s revenue overtook Korean market’s revenue already. NEXON also acquired another Japanese mobile game company – inBlue. NEXON expects better revenue from Japanese market in 2013 because NEXON made a contract with DeNA who is operating one of biggest mobile game platform Mobage, in January.

NEXON will launch Warface from Crytek and Pro Baseball 2K from 2K Sports during the first half. DOTA2 from Valve and Counter Strike 2 Online will be ready for the second half.  NEXON did not leave a comment on Maple Story 2 and Mabinogi 2. Cyphers is scheduled to launch at the end of 2013 in China.

Nexon Buys Gloops for $486 Million in Cash

Nexon acquires ‘Gloops’, a Japanese mobile game developer. Nexon’s Japanese office said that it bought 100% of its shares for 520 billion won ($466 million). This is the second buyout for Nexon acquiring a Japanese mobile game company. The first was inBlue in June.

Gloops marked 430 billion won ($386 million) in revenue for the last fiscal year that ended in June. It was operating at a loss before it goes into mobile. Its revenue in 2012 has been increased more than 5 times comparing to the last year.

According to a source, Nexon Japan has been looking for an influential mobile game partner for a long time. It seems they chose Gloops that has grown fast for the past 2 years over platform business holders such as Mobage and Gree. The strategy of Nexon is clear. They target $4,670 million Japanese mobile game market quickly and effectively.

Nexon Japan CEO Choi Seung-woo said “Nexon will participate full-scale in the quickly growing mobile game market by acquiring Gloops and become a leader that pulls the Japanese mobile game market along.”

Gloops is familiar with Mobage while inBlue is friendly with GREE, which allow Nexon could work with various platform business holders for its mobile game business.