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Actoz Soft Embraces New Dungeon Striker

<Dungeon Striker> currently published by Hangame will be taken over to Actoz Soft.

On the 28th of Feburary, Actoz Soft announced that it will be publishing the action RPG after Hangame in the future. The service through Hangame will be closed on March 7th.

Hangame gave up the game due to poor performance it showed so far. Given that, Eyedentity Games, the developer, is re-making the game from the ground. The name of the game will also be changed to <New Dungeon Striker>.

“We are glad to help <New Dungeon Striker>’s another leap. We will do our best to provide best environment for the players and the game,” said SungGon Bae the vice-president of Actoz Soft Online Business.

“I would like to apologize to the current players who love playing <Dungeon Striker>. We are doing our best to recover your faith in us through <New Dungeon Striker>,” said JoongSun Jang the director of Eyedentity Games.

The exact launching date for <New Dungeon Striker> is not announced yet.


NHN launching TOAST

NHN Entertainment reveals a new gaming brand called TOAST on 29th of August at the same time with going public in KOSDAQ. HANGAME will remain as a board game brand. TOAST is Global Brand for both PC and Mobile. It has a goal to present enjoyable games just like having French toast every morning.

The main reason to launch a new brand for NHN Entertainment is a negative influence of HANGAME. HANGAME has become a top web-board game brand with 22 million registered users since it is launched 15 years ago. Unfortunately, it is not harmonized with PC-based RPGs and Mobile games because of its strong web-board game image.

A person from NHN Entertainment told “We have tried hard to change its image, but it was just so difficult to escape from its traditional image.”

With the launching of TOAST, games such as TERA, Kritika, Dungeon Striker, Dragon Friends etc that have been published through HANGAME will be moved under the brand of TOAST. The future games like ASTA and EOS will be published under TOAST as well. Existing HANGAME users do not have to register again for TOAST.

TOAST will pioneer the world market more actively. Wooparoo Mountain will be published through GREE and Fish Island through LINE, a mobile messenger. NHN Entertainment will establish a branch in China within the year.

TOAST will be launched during the second half of the year.



Hangame’s mobile game growing up 738%

Hangame announced the financial report for 1st quarter of 2013. The revenue is $142 million, which is up 5% compared to the previous quarter. But it is 4.7% low compared to the same period of last year.

Web board game has gone down a bit, but Mobile and PC game has grown quick. Especially, mobile game revenue grew up 738% compared to the same period of the last year. Mobile game revenue is $12.4 million. The revenue of LINE, a mobile messenger, is $62.1 million that is more than a half of the total game revenue. 80% of the revenue is from Japan. NHN is publishing 24 mobile games through LINE in Japan. Total number of registered LINE users has been reached 150 million.

PC division has grown 32% compared to the same period of the last year because TERA and KRITIKA have been performed well.

Hangame will be separated from NHN from August.

Hangame hiring experienced mobile game developers

Hangame, separated and independent from NHN, starts reconstructing the organization as a developing focused company. The company starts the open competitive employment and will hire about 100 experienced developers.

According to the posting of a job opening, Hangame will focus heavily on developing mobile games. Hangame released mobile games from the last year. Fish Island achieved $3.23 million monthly revenue without KAKAO Talk.

This move is an action from Hangame in response to the recent platform change in the game market – PC online to mobile. The mobile game revenue of Hangame was $6.92 million, which surpassed the revenue from PC online games and Web based games. Hangame also has a brother company OrangeCrew, a mobile focused developer.

With the success of LINE, mobile messenger, Hangame is expecting a great synergy effect.

NHN split game and mobile division

NHN decided to split the company at the director’s meeting on the 6th, FEB. NHN separate its game and mobile divisions to strengthen its competitiveness for each market. NHN Japan also split Hangame as well. NHN will be focusing on Portal business, while Hangame and LINE Plus/Camp Mobile take care of game and mobile business.

NHN told “It is time to guarantee entrepreneurial independence for game and portal businesses. It is necessary to have the best optimized communication structure, HR system, and organizational culture for each business area. It is positively necessary to split the company to go forward.”

There is nothing to be decided for OrangeCrew and Naver Game yet. OrangeCrew is mobile game developing center for NHN and Naver Game is operating game channeling service with 8 million users. It is possible that they both are merged into Hangame, However it is also possible that NHN will keep PC online, Mobile and developing division and business division separately since NHN split its business into wire and wireless.

NHN also decided to establish new companies to strengthen its mobile service. While Camp Mobile will be taking care of various internet businesses under the current smartphone environment, LINE Plus is for the mobile messenger service with games. Both companies are independent subsidiaries of NHN.

LINE already has over 100 million registered users all over the world and will compete with KAKAO as a mobile game distribution platform. KAKAO is dominating the domestic market, but LINE has been succeeded in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Therefore, it has been known that LINE is a better platform for international market to Korean mobile game developers, especially for Japan.