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Former Chairman of Hanbitsoft jumps into item trading business

Kim Young-man, the Former Hanbitsoft Chairman, has returned to the industry.

He came back as CEO of B&M Holdings that has 100% shares of in-game item trading companies, IMI and Itembay. The reason he chose the in-game Item trading market is to improve its negative image and expand the business as he did for e-sports when he was the 1st chairman of KeSPA & KAOGI.

B&M Holdings said “in-game item trading business has been suffered because of restrict regulations. So we have game channeling and publishing business for diversifying our income sources. We are preparing for the band new business to grow. We think Mr.Kim is the right person for it.”

Kim Young-man worked for LGsoft Game Business division first. He established Hanbitsoft in 1999 and published Starcraft and Diablo 2 in Korea.

[Korea] Weekly Update

1. Hellgate: Tokyo (April 6)

After divorcing itself from Flagship Studios, HanbitSoft for the first time launches a new update Hellgate: Tokyo in Korea. The update features a new area, new monsters and new highest level.

2.?Noir Online (OBT)

After a two-year long hiatus since its final OBT in 2008, Noir Online, a MMORPG developed by Digitalic, is kicking off another OBT on April 6. The game was criticized for its rather simple graphics and system.

3. Huxley: the Dystopia

Ever since Webzen pulled the plug of Huxley in 2008 due to imbalance issues in PvP and PvE, users have been waiting for a new service. Now Webzen is wrapping up the project and ready to unveil Huxley: the Dystopic within 1H 2010. Currently the website is temporarily closed.

[Audition2] Going to Vietnam

Read carefully because it might be confusing: T3 Entertainment is a developer of Audition and Audition 2 and YD Online is a publisher of Audition in Korea. But HanbitSoft is a global licensor for Audition2 except Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan. So now you know who you should talk to if you are interested in licensing these games. Taiwan and US are off limit since the company has a subsidiary, Redbana, in those countries.

Back to the today’s news, HabitSoft bagged the Audition 2 licensing deal with VTC Online for the Vietnam market. Audition has gathered up 20,000,000 RUs in Vietnam last year.

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