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Gstar2012: Wrap-up

Gstar2012 was held from the 8th to 11th of November at Bexco, Busan with 190,000 visitors. Gstar2012 was special because it is hosted by Korea Association of Game Industry instead of KOCCA(Korea Creative Contents Agency, which is a government organization. Let’s find out what achievements Gstar2012 has accomplished.

New venue for B2B
B2B area for Gstar2011 was inconvenience because it is split into several areas. With the completion of the 2nd Exhibit hall, B2B area for Gstar2012 was as good as it gets. Even though B2B schedule was shorten to 3 days from 4 days, the number of business meeting that was held during the event has been increased about 49% with the total number of 167. More than 50% of companies were from abroad as well as the number of buyers from abroad has been increased more than 100%.

190,000 visitors

Gstar2012 recorded 190,353 visitors for 4 days, which is 30% down from the last year’s record, 290,000. The reason is that the organization has changed the counting method. Gstar counted visitors one time only instead of counting them based on the visiting number.

Mobile for the win

Mobile games were very popular at Gstar2012. Many mobile game companies were presented include Com2uS and Gamevil. T-store, an open market from SK Telecom, also presented the large scale B2C booth for the first time. Nowcom and Wemade introduced a series of mobile game aggressively.

On the other hand, giants client based online game developers such as NCsoft, Webzen, Hanbitsoft, Mgame did not participate in Gstar2012. Mabinogi2: ARENA from Nexon, BLESS from Neowiz, Icarus from Wemade, Red Gems 2 from L&K Logic Korea were MMORPGs that we could find at Gstar2012. As a foreign company, Nintendo & War Gaming presented the large scale booths.

The place for Gstar2013

The contract with Busan was closed. Therefore, the organization will select the new host city for  Gstar2013 during the early next year.


The result of our Gstar2012 survey

We asked a series of questions to 833 visitors. The below is the result.

Most wanted B2C booth – Nexon

66.8% of people who took part in the survey said Nexon B2C booth was the best Nexon presented Warface, Pro Baseball 2K, Mabinogi2:Arena, FIFA Online 3, Counter Strike Online 2. . The 2nd and the 3rd were Blizzard with Starcraft2: The Heart of the Swarm and Neowiz with BLESS.

Most visited B2C booth – Nexon

Booths on the left side were took #1, 2, 3. Nexon took the 1st while Blizzard and Gamevil took the 2nd and the 3rd.

Most cool exterior – Blizzard

Blizzard booth was favored by 51.3% people as the most cool booth exterior followed by Nexon, Neowiz and War Gaming.

Most wanted Game – Mabinogi 2

Mabinogi 2 was selected as the most wanted game at Gstar2012. The 2nd was Starcraft2: The Heart of the Swarm.

Most satisfied game – Dungeon Striker

124 out of 139 people selected. Dungeon Striker from NHN as the most satisfied game after playing. FIFA Online 3 was the 2nd best.

Most wanted game to play again – FIFA Online 3

77.5% of people chose FIFA Online 3 as the most wanted game to play again. Starcraft2: The Heart of the Swarm was the 2nd with 70.3% chose.

Mabinogi 2 is the first joint project for Nexon and NCsoft

■ Mabinogi 2: Arena
Nexon was held GStar2012 preview event on the 1st of November and revealed Mainogi 2: Arena, the sequel of Mabinogi. Arena is the new genre that players and observers could enjoy the game together and interact with each other.

The place for Mabnogi 2 is the island called Avalon where gods are fighting against each other through their creations to rule the world. Mabinogi 2 has two separated mode: battle and observing. Players will play as a warrior from Morian and could choose 5 classes, 5 battle styles, 5 body types with arrow keys and Z,X,C. Mabinogi 2 has been developed with Nexon’s brand new game engine called Silverbine.

Observers in Mabinogi 2 are not just watching the game, but also they could share their items or even they could participate in the battle. The more observers a players has, the better items a player could get and share them with his observers.

Nexon will have 29 PCs with playable version of the game at GStar2012.

■ The first joint project for Nexon and NCsoft

Nexon and NCsoft start cooperating from Mabinogi Arena 2. At the press conference prior to GStar 2012, Dong-gun Kim from Devcat studio, a creator of Mabinogi, told “Mabinogi 2 is the first joint project for both companies.”

Surprisingly Taek Jin Kim, CEO of NCsoft, appeared on Mabinogi 2 intro movie and he said “Nexon and NCsoft have tried hard to build a better online game world from a long time ago. I hope Mabinogi 2 is revived in harmony with both companies’ strengths.” However, nothing seems has been decided how they will cooperate. NCsoft who has the best know-how how to make MMORPG might join Mabinogi 2 development and raise its perfection level.

Nexon has been known for its strong casual game line-up while the strength of NCsoft is laid on the development of MMORPG and its operation. Industry people expect that both will fill up each other’s weak portion.

For more game play movies and screenshots, visit the link below:

Korean MMORPG line-up for G Star 2012

It seems that Wemade Entertainment has focused on mobile games recently. However, the company announced the only new MMORPG from Korean online game companies that will be revealed at G-Star 2012 called ICARUS. The game was previously known as NED, which presented large scale air combats with Cry engine.

Neowiz will present the playable version of BLESS for the first time. A secret game from Nexon might be Mabinogi 2 because they announced Mabinogi 2 will be revealed the second half of the year at the 2nd quarter earning conference calls. Project NT from Thingsoft will be revealed for the first time as well.

L&K Logic Korea will present Red Gem 2 that has been developed for 6 years with about $18 million budget.

Booth registration for GStar 2012 is closed

If you have a plan to have a booth at G-Star 2012, your chance is not left. According to G-Star organization, B2B registration has been closed due to the exceeded requests.

99% of B2C booth was reserved already while 105% booth was reserved for B2B. The notable companies that will be presented at B2C are Joymax, Blizzard, Neowiz, Wemade, NHN, Nexon, Neople, Wargaming etc. Especially, there will be typical domestic mobile game companies such as SK Planet, Com2uS, Gamevil etc. B2B booth area has been increased about 30% compared to the last year.

The pre-registration for buyers will be started from the end of September through the official G-Star homepage – www.gstar.or.kr

At G-Star 2012, there will be 2 big e-sports events as well – <League of Legends> opening event for the Champions Winter and GNGWC finals.

GStar2012 schedule is confirmed

G-Star2012, the largest game event in Korea, will be held from the 8th to 11th of November. Korea Association of Game Industry announced the detail of G-Star2012 at ITS GAME 2012 in Seoul, Korea on the 30th.

The host for G-Star has changed from KOCCA(Korea Creative Content Agency) to Korea Association of Game Industry, which is a private organization from this year. Since it is hosted by a private organization, all regulations regarding the game show will be decided by game companies itself. G-Star has had several issues to solve such as too much noise, long waiting lines, too much exposure of promotion girls etc. These issues will be solved by discussing with game companies themselves.

Small venues have been expanded as well. Bexco now have the 2nd exhibition hall that is completed on the 29th of May. B2B area will be located at it separated from B2C area and will provide more quite business environment. With the completion of the 2nd hall, the whole Bexco building will be used for B2C. B2C and B2B areas are connected by a bridge. Bexco auditorium, which has 4,000 seats, has been completed as well for various purposes.

If you plan to have a booth, you should register before the 17th of July to get a 10% early bird discount fare. If you had a booth last year, you can get an additional 10% discount.

Bexco 2nd Hall is completed.

Bexco Auditorium