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Korean e-Sports had fever over the last weekend

The fever started from the announcement from KeSPA(Korean eSports Association) that they won’t participate in GSL Season 4 and are not sure about future GSL participation. The announcement shocked many people include GOM TV – the host of GSL, ESF – e-Sports Federation, Blizzard Korea and for the most fans. It happened 2 months after Blizzard, KeSPA, GOM TV is held the day of vision declaration to cooperate developing Korean e-Sports.

ESF, mainly consists of GSL Starcraft2 players and staffs, immediately announced that they won’t participate in OSL – Ongamenet Starleague until KeSPA makes sure about future GSL participation.

KeSPA adjusted their announcement by joining GSL from Season 5 after ESF’s announcement. However, ESF did not change its previous stance because KeSPA still did not make clear about the future GSL participation.

Finally, the incident concluded by KeSPA. They announced that they will join GSL Season 4 and handed-in the list of players who will play for GSL.

Fans are very disappointed about KeSPA and Ongamenet. However, the most disappointment comes from Blizzard Korea. It seems they had absolutely no idea what is going on until the incident came up even though they are the mediator of all.

eSports Federation deferred joining OSL

eSports Federation deferred joining Ongamenet Starleague. eSports Federation mainly consists of Starcraft2 players and staffs in GSL, GOM TV Starcraft2 League.

They said “We cannot believe KeSPA decided not to join GSL Season 4.” They also retort KeSPA’s argument that they cannot join GSL because of busy schedule and the lack of communication with GOM TV. Because GOM TV has managed SC2 League schedule for more than 2 years and keep contributing to improve Starcraft2 e-sports scene throughout the world.

They also said they don’t want to GSL disappeared because it could damage Korean e-Sports market and threat the fate of eSports Federation. They also insist that the decision from KeSPA attenuate the day of the vision declaration. Blizzard, KeSPA and GOM TV promised to cooperate for further e-Sports growing on the 2nd of May, 2012.

According to above reasons, they asked KeSPA to join GSL and decided to postpone their decision on joining OSL until KeSPA makes their final decision for GSL Season 4.

KeSPA explains the reason not joining GSL Season 4

KeSPA announced their official stance on their decision that made yesterday – KeSPA pro-gamers won’t join GSL Season 4 Code A Qualifiers.

After the day of the vision declaration with GOM TV, KeSPA and Blizzard, KeSPA allowed their playes to join WCS, OSL, Cross Match on GOM TV, WCG, MLG Invitational. Those have been possible because KeSPA communicated with the host of each event over months to control the schedule.

KeSPA players will be presented at SC2 Proleague, OSL, WCG Korean representative qualifiers, WCS and MLG online matches, MLG final invitational. Their regular week schedule will be 4 days for Proleague, 2 days for OSL, 2days for MLG cross matches.

Therefore, KeSPA decided not to join GSL Season 4 because of their busy schedule.

About the future plan for joining GSL, KeSPA told “We don’t join GSL Season 5 because there has not been enough discussion prior to the event. If we discuss several issues prior to the event enough and if it could make some synergy with Proleague, we will join the future GSL.”

KeSPA told that if there were any requests to join the event domestically as well as internationally, they will give priority to their event schedule such as Proleague and other planned events.

KeSPA rejected to join GSL Starcraft2 League

KeSPA(Korean e-Sports Association) announced they will not join GSL Season 4 Code A qualifier.

GOM TV, the host of GSL (Global Starcraft2 League), asked KeSPA whether they will join or not during the last season as well. At that time, they said their team and pro-gamers are not ready enough for competing and need more time. However, they rejected to join this season again.

GOM TV, KeSPA and Blizzard were held the day of the vision declaration, which they said they will unite separated Korean e-Sports scenes into one and cooperate to improve e-Sports. It seems it was an empty promise after all.
GOM TV told “We will open the registration for GSL Season 4 Code A qualifier from the 24th of August as we planned”. It seems the decision from KeSPA could break the reconciliation mood between GOM TV and KeSPA.

Fans have gone crazy to watch during last WCS matches as well as Cross matches, which were the events that KeSPA and GSL pro-gamers are all competing together. Because GSL pro-gamers participate in StarLeague from Ongamenet, fans expect KeSPA pro-gamers will be presented at the next GSL season.

However, the decision from KeSPA is pouring the ice cold water over Starcraft2 fans again. KeSPA boycotted MSL in 2007 and made GOM TV Classic Starcraft League closed in 2008, and 2009 by not allowing their pro-gamers to participate in the league.

GOM TV is very disappointed and they will announce their stance very soon. A staff from Blizzard Korea also said “We are disconcerted by KeSPA’s sudden announcement. We will look over it and make an announcement by tomorrow”.