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Tower of Ascension Introduces PvP Combat


“Player vs Player Combat, Right at Your Fingertips!”

Seoul, South Korea. (March 25th, 2014) – WarpPortal is excited to announce their latest update to the iOS smash hit: Tower of Ascension! They’ll be introducing the much anticipated all-new player versus player combat system, and allowing for the ease of Facebook to login and play! For update and event details: http://www.warpportal.com/mobile/towerofascension/event.aspx


Update Features: 

  • Facebook Log in system added.
  • Battle Arena(PVP) system added.
    • Normal and Ranking Battles
    • Special gamble monster cards added for each class.
    • New map “Candy land” added.
    • New costume items added.
    • Spirit system balance patched.
    • Class balance patched.

Tower of Ascension is completely free to download and play.  You can also enhance your game play with purchases from the “Shop” in the game through the App Store (iOS).

Download now!  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tower-of-ascension/id744144025

Game Trailer:

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TowerOfAscension



“Hack, slash, or shoot your way to godhood!”


BUENA PARK, Calif. (December 2nd, 2013) – WarpPortal, known for publishing the online and mobile Ragnarok Online franchise, has revealed Warrior, Hunter, and Wizard as the official classes for upcoming mobile Action Roleplaying Game Tower of Ascension . Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TowerOfAscension 

Classes_Tower of Ascension


Among all the heroes of Midgard the warriors are the strongest and toughest, featuring two different play styles; one handed sword and shield for quick attacks and high defense, & two handed weapons for explosive amounts of damage.


To offset their small frames, Hunters specialized in long-range attacks, especially preemptive and moving attacks. They may be small, but their guns pack a powerful punch.


Masters of magic and sorcery, these heroes have the elements and dark magic at their fingertips. Whether using Ice to slow enemies, lightening to cause massive direct damage, fire to burn groups at a time, or dark magic to curse and weaken, the Wizard is ready for a variety of circumstances.

Battle against friends or party up with them to take down some of the vilest monsters in your quest for immortality.

About Tower of Ascension

Tower of Ascension is a fast pace action-adventure RPG, where you can join friends around the world to fight to become an Immortal. ToA is powered by Unreal Engine technology and promises high end graphics with explosively exciting gameplay.

About WarpPortal

Developed by world renowned Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMORPG) publishing giant, Gravity Interactive, Inc., WarpPortal is the newest online platform for North American gamers. Users able to utilize a single login-account for multiple game accesses and manage their online accounts for some of the hottest online titles including Ragnarok Online, Rose Online, Requiem: Memento Mori, Dragon Saga, casual games and more. Additional highlights of the site include community forums, online support and the Gateway system-an application that provides users’ access to gaming news, community communication and music all from one online application.  More information can be found at www.warpportal.com

About Gravity Co. Ltd

Established in April 2000, GRAVITY, listed on the NASDAQ (GRVY), is a leading global developer and publisher of a wide variety of online games including both casual and hardcore MMOs online games. The company’s most successful title, “Ragnarok Online,” has about 80 million registered users throughout more than 70 countries worldwide and had been ranked as the most popular online game through the world. GRAVITY is currently focusing on its attention to develop a full line up of mobile game titles including “Tower of Ascension” and sequels of “Ragnarok Online” in the years to come.

More information can be found at http://www.gravity.co.kr/eng/index.asp

5 Ragnarok related mobile games are coming

NEO CYON, an affiliated company of Gravity, made a deal with Colopl, Inc. , a Japanese mobile game developer for technical cooperation on the 8th of May.

NEO CYON is not well known, but the company has developed various mobile contents since 2000. They published Ragnarok Violet, a mobile version of Ragnarok Online from 2006. Colopl, Inc. is the first company that serviced geo-tagged mobile game in 2003 in Japan. They launched the new gaming platform called ‘Colopl’ and have 2.7 million registered users.

NEO CYON will launch more than 20 mobile games in Korea. Some of them will use its parental company’s strong IP such as ‘Ragnarok’, Dragon Saga’ – ‘Ragnarok Online: Insurrection of Valkyrie’, ‘Ragnarok Online: Guild Masters’ (Title names are unofficial).

NEO CYON will focus on Korean domestic market during the 2nd half of the year and will go further into Japan, China, Taiwan, and Europe from the 4th quarter.

More information about the games: The Link

[Korea] Console Gaming Market

Jong Shin Choi, CEO of Barunson Creative, discussed an issue of console piracy at the G-Seminar 2010 in Korea.

Jong Shin stressed the fact that “The console gaming market in Korea only accounts for 15% compared to 51% market share in the global gaming market.” And the piracy issue has to be addressed to guarantee ?the continuous growth of the local console market.

It ‘s Not All About Online Games

There are a few console game developers in Korea despite of its small market size. Total of six developers have released eight titles so far.

  • Console Game Developers in Korea: Barunson Creative, Daewon Media, Gravity, Just One Interactive, Skonec Entertainment,?Softmax

Online Games still take a majority of market share as accounting for 76% of the Korean game market. In 2009, 24 titles for PS3 and PSP released by Sony while only 20 titles for the Nintendo Wii. (The Nintendo Wii console itself was sold more than million units in Korea.)

Jong Shin pointed out that only 22 out of 80 PS3 titles and 12 out of 53 Xbox250 titles were introduced in Korean language through localization. Nintendo released every title in Korean language due to its company policy. He found that localization costs increase and piracy issue may have been the main reason behind such decrease.

Immediate Action Required

Jong Shin fretted that in the past piracy had been done within a small circle of groups due to its difficulty and limitation. Ever since the introduction of the Nintendo DS, however, console piracy found its way into a mass market and a younger age group.

He said “Nintendo DS has been sold more than 3 million units in Korea but the internal research concluded that the half of the units sold didn’t buy any games.”

In order to grow the local console market like Japan, consumer education on the piracy issue is needed.

Casual Games Will Rule the World

To view a global gaming market trend, the casual game market is expanding faster than the hardcore market. Nintendo is cashing out in the casual game market.

Microsoft introduced a technology code-named Natal that allows players to play game without a controller for the casual gaming market. A company in Korea are currently developing a game using this technology as well.?Sony also plans to release motion controller in this fall to join the competition.

If you look at the trend of Korean console gaming market, cross platform game development based on already famous IPs seems to be a popular choice. An online game with a fan base can be transformed into a console game or find a niche market for the educational games.


During the Q&A, he shared his thought about the console game market and what has to be done.

On Nintendo DS sales

It actually decreased in 2009. The hardware sales recorded 1.6 million units but one of the best selling title, Magic Thousand Chinese Characters (마법천자문: Kor), sold only 110,000 units.

In general, the ratio of the console hardware vs. software sales is 4 to 6. In other words, if someone buys a hardware, s/he usually buys 7.5 softwares. But in Korea the ratio is somewhat like 7 to 3. Only 3 game titles are purchased per 7 consoles.

On actions needed to be taken

There is no short cut in piracy. A government and corporates should commit to a long-term customer education.

On next working title

Currently working on a game based on the Barunson’s popular character in Europe. Also, working with Gravity to remake a classic arcade game, Double Dragon for XLBA. Probably an educational game later on.

On Nintendo’s third party support

From the early development stage, Nintendo involved with the project in terms of tech support. Nintendo doesn’t support any marketing or promotion activities but support a game distribution.