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[Korea] building a global game hub, literally

The Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and Microsoft Korea teamed up together to build a Global Game Hub in Bundang (less than an hour away from Seoul city center) in Korea. The budget allocated to the project by 2012 is about 85B Won (apprx. US$ 65 M). They set their initial goals as 1) support 300 developer tenants, 2) educate 2,000 game professionals, 3) reach US$ 250M revenue in overseas.

MS plays a role in the project by providing developers a development tool for free.

So far 17 tenants signed up inclduing BLUESIDE,?GamePark Holdings, Waffle Soft and Auron Games.

So you might be wondering how you can get in there? They want someone with IDEAS – wait, it’s not that simple. They are the ideas with profitability and originality. As long as you got them, they don’t care whether you are a game developer or a middleware developer.