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TTS from Girl’s Generation reveals the latest MV ‘Holler’

TTS from Girl’s Generation reveals their 2nd mini album ‘Holler’ along with ‘Holler’ music video. After ‘Holler’ was released on 16th of September, it became #1 at iTune’s album chart in 9 Asian countries.

TTS’s first Holler performance will be broadcasted today, 18th through Mnet M-Countdown. The album is available at the local shop from today as well. For more information, you should visit the official TTS homepage (http://girlsgeneration-tts.smtown.com).


Blade & Soul is coming to China with Girls’ Generation

Tencent, the publisher for Blade & Soul in China, has announced on the 15th that Korea’s Girls’ Generation(aka SNSD) will promote Blade & Soul in China.  Tencent will promote Blade & Soul with Girls’ Generation’s young image under the catch phrase: “Looking for your Soul.”

Tencent believes that Girls’ Generation characters suit the concept of Blade & Soul because the nine of the members are fashion icons among the youth in China with unique personalities.

The game’s test schedules for China has also been revealed.  The test phase will start on the 29th of October, and Tencent promises that there will be no CBT account reset, which ultimately means that players that participate in the CBT will be able to continue playing their test phase characters when the game launches to the public.  The game has been greatly improved for the Chinese release.

NCsoft had previously mentioned during the 2nd quarter of the financial conference that Blade & Soul China will have greater amount of content than before, in order to avoid having lack of content issues that they experienced in Korea.