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[NGD Studios] Revamps Regnum Online

I don’t usually post on updates but this game is developed by Buenos Aires-based NGD Studios. And it’s not like you come across with a free-to-play MMORPG developed in Latin America. They are publishing Regnum Online in Europe partnering with Gamigo.

[Gamigo] Launches the US Operation

You might have heard this news already but Gamigo, a Hamburg-based publisher, opens its first foreign office in NYC. The company will enter the North American online gaming market in the second quarter of 2010.

Today the company announced Loong- The power of the Dragon, a new online RPG for Europe and North America. According to the press release, the game has 40 million players in China.

[gamigo] Slapshot Now Available In English

gamigo AG, a European MMOG publisher, released the English version of its top hockey MMOG, Slapshot. Slapshot launched in Germany first in April.

[gamigo] Release Level R in Europe

gamigo AG, an European publisher of MMOGs released English, French and Spanish versions of the racing MMOG, Level R. The game is created by a Hungary-based Invictus Games.

What’s happening this week at Cologne, Germany?

-?gamigo AG revealed more details on the already announced free to play MMORPG King of Kings 3. The release of the German and the English versions of the game is planned for early 2010.

-?Frogster secures a new MMORPG project from Runewaker, the developer of Runes of Magic. Speaking of which, the game has gained over 1.6 million registered and over 300,000 active users already a few months after its official launch according to its press release.

IGG debuted its new MMO Dreamland Online.?The company will be releasing Dreamland Online into both European and U.S. markets this fall.