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GAMEHI, a new Unreal Engine 3 supported FPS game in development

GAMEHI Inc. is currently in the process of developing a new FPS game using the Unreal Engine 3.  This could very well be a sequel to the popular FPS game, <Sudden Attack>.

Nexon Corp. has announced on the 3rd that the merger of two of their subsidiaries, GAMHI Inc. and Nextoric Corp., has been finalized.  With the finalization of this merger, GAMHI has now been reborn as a rather large developer with game such as <Sudden Attack>, <Dekaron>, <The Kingdom of the Winds>, etc under their care.

The news of the new FPS game in development were released along with the news of the merger.  Although the official sources list the game as ‘<Sudden Attack> follow-up>,’ it is not certain for now if the new game will simply be a follow-up in terms of the game releases, or an actual sequel to the original.

A personnel from GAMEHI has commented that: “(the new FPS game) It has been in development since last year, and a good portion of <Sudden Attack>’s development team has been included in the process.”  It is already a known fact in the industry that GAMEHI has been recruiting developers with experience working with Unreal Engine 3 and FPS games since last November.

According to Kim Jung-joon, the CEO of GAMEHI, he expects “Nextoric’s development expertise and overseas business capabilities to be of great asset in developing new online and mobile games.”


Nexon Takes Over GameHi

Nexon acquired GameHi by taking 29.3% of stakes from the major shareholder and chairman of GameHi, Kun IL Kim (52.91%), for 73.2 billion Won (US$ 61 million) on May 26.

[GameHi] Revenue Reaches 10.9 Billion Won in 1H 2010

GameHi, in the middle of merger discussion with Nexon, released the earning report for 1H 2010.

  • Revenue in 1H 2010: 10,928 Million Won (US$ 9.1 Million)
  • Net profit in 1H 2010: 2,795 Million Won (US$ 2.33 Million)

The company expects revenue growth in 2H from new game launches including a browser-based game and overseas operation.

[Korea] M&A News

I’ve got three M&A news from Korea.

1) CJ Internet Looking into GameHi

CJ Internet is looking into buying GameHi, a developer behind a popular FPS game Sudden Attack. CJ Internet said “we are considering the option in order to strengthen our game development competitiveness, but nothing is decided yet.”

2) A Book Publisher Became a Major Shareholder of YNK Korea

A book publisher of “The Lord of the Rings” in the Korean language, Golden Bough (황금가지: Kor), became a major shareholder by obtaining 33% of total shares of YNK Korea.

3) Nflavor and Aeonsoft ?Became One

Nflavor and Aeonsoft announced their merger on February 10. Both companies are a part of Gala Group. Nflavor’s CEO, Seung Hyun Park, will serve as a CEO of Aeonsoft as well.

[Korea] 5 Key Trends for 2009? ② Anything Zombie

This is the second installment of the five-part series: Anything zombie.

The trend started with Counter Strike Online: Zombie 3 and Left4Dead 2, then it took off as other companies added zombie characters in their games such as Nexon America’s Combat Arms, Sonov’s Project D, WeMade’s Gem Fighter, GameHi’s Zombie Online, Nexon’s Bubble Fighter and BnB. It turned out that players loved the fight against the undead.

<Counter Strike Online>

Introducing zombies into the games brought the horror aspect into the simple match. “Zombies naturally play perfect?villains??thanks to its horror and freakish strength. Especially for FPS games, it created a whole new game between player vs. zombie rather than the old player vs. player. Also, the game is not just about one-shot-one-kill anymore. You can fire up all your weapon to kill zombies. And that’s a different kind of fun,” explained an industry insider.

<Even a casual quiz game like BnB adapted a zombie theme>