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Korean mobile game market will grow over $922M

VP of Gamevil said Korean Mobile Game market will be over US$922 million in 2013 and hardcore games will be preferred at the keynote for Game Next. Game Next is a mobile game conference and will be held in Seoul from 29th of January to 1st of. February.

He said KAKAO games created a brand new market based on casual gamers and non-gamer without cannibalizing the existing market and other mobile games have been grown continuously with hardcore mobile games.

He chose t ‘CORE’ as the keyword representing 2013 Korean mobile game market trend. Like PC online games, most mobile games so far were casual games to make non-gamers getting used to play games. He said it is the time for introducing games for hardcore gamers and this kind of transection is natural regardless of platforms.

He also emphasized challenging global market is important because 60% of total downloads were happened from abroad market for Gamevil mobile games. Gamevil has focused on NA market since 2006 by establishing a subsidiary and focused on Japan market last year. Gamevil will challenge Chinese market for 2013.