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Game Center launches for Kakao Talk

Wemade uses Kakao Talk, the largest smartphone messenger in Korea, as a smartphone game marketing platform.

Kakao Talk will launch ‘Game Center’ within it from the end of May. The main purpose of the game center will have users of Kakao Talk to play smartphone games from Wemade Entertainment. The game center is going to launch games from Wemade only until they secure stability of the service. Wemade will prepare special mini games only for Kakao Talk.

After launching the game center, smartphone games from Wemade will go abroad as well. ‘Chaos&Defense’ will be available in the U.S. as well as China, Japan. ‘Rhythm Scandal’ will be serviced through Shanda in China.

Wemade will release various smartphone games during the first half of the year – Chaos&Defense, Rhythm Scandal, Pet Island, Hero Square etc. Wemade is currently working on more than 40 smartphone game projects.

Wemade Entertainment is a share investor of Kakao Talk.