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Crowdfunding, isn’t it fraud?

Crowdfunding has been getting popular among game developers.
However, as everything has both good and bad sides, crowdfunding is not an exception.

Let’s check the stories!

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NHN reveals its supporting programs for social games

NHN takes action to secure social game developing companies. NHN will appeal to small, mid-sized developing companies by providing user pool and paying deposit in advance.

NHN was held ‘’Naver Social Game Partner’s Day’ on the 18th of April and revealed Supporting partner program and Naver mobile platform.

Naver’s partner supporting program could be categorized into two phases. The first is ‘Project Finance’, which supports a game in early development stage with planning and providing ideas only. The second is ‘PRE50+’, which supports a game in early service stage.

–       Project Finance

Project Finance is making contract in prototype stage and providing 80% of the total deposit when a contact is made. The remaining 20% will be provided after a service starts. NHN will withdraw the deposit over 6 to 7 months. After that, the revenue will be shared: Developer 70%, NHN 30%.

NHN will select about 10 games during the second half of the year and support 150,000,000 Korean Won in maximum. If a developer has a plan to develop a mobile version of a game, another 80,000,000 Korean Won provided as well.

The game that is developed by Project Finance needs to be published by NHN exclusively.

–       PRE50+

PRE50+ puts its purpose on funding in the first year of after a service started. If a game is in service already, NHN supports a developer at the amount of the revenue from the last quarter. If a game is right before a service stage, NHN supports 50% of the expected revenue in advance. A developer needs to repay the advance pay after 6 months.

After all the advance pay was repaid, the revenue will be shared: Developer 70%, NHN 30%..

–       Mobile Social Platform

Naver’s Mobile Social Platform will be announcing in the 10th of May. It provides game information, community, and unified payment system with Nave Coin. Currently, 14 million users connect to Naver Mobile daily.