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NCsoft announced 2012 2nd quarter financial result

NCsoft announced the financial result for 2012 2nd quarter. It suffered a loss in the 2nd quarter mostly due to the large scale layoff. It layoff 400 developers and expends US$13.3 million on severance pay and compensation.

The sales were increased 4% compares to the 1st quarter. However, the net profit is US$6.5 million loss in total. NCsoft expects much better financial result for the 3rd quarter because the sales of Blade&Soul and the revenue from pre-purchased Guildwar2 will be included.

According to NCsoft, Blade&soul is doing better than Aion for the first 40 days in Korea. The number of pre-purchased Guildwar2 users is not exceeded 1 million yet, but very close.

It also mentioned that there will be no more layoff or recruits for a while. About the question on the relationship with Nexon, the company said it cannot be said in detail. It thinks the best way to publish its MMORPG games is published by themselves.

NCsoft is trying its best to make succeed Blade&Soul in China now. The one of its purposes is launching Blade$Soul throughout the most of the world until the end of the next year. Guildwar2 is focusing on North America and Europe online game market and has not been decided for other territories.