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Neowiz sues EA “We will receive compensations for FIFA Online 2”

A suit filed against EA based on Article 92, Item 2 of the Korean Commercial Act this past June.

Neowiz Games has sued EA Korea in order to receive compensations for the service termination of <FIFA Online 2>.

According to the Neowiz representative, Neowiz had sued EA on September 30th in order to receive compensation for their losses that had occurred along with the termination of <FIFA Online 2>.  After the initial request for the certification of contents regarding their claim for compensation, the lawsuit is currently on-going since late June.

The purpose of the lawsuit is to receive compensation for the invested manpower and expenses during their contract with <FIFA Online 2>.  The Neowiz representative has stated their stance on the matter saying “Neowiz Games has worked tirelessly for the past 5 years in order to bring outstanding service to the game and have been successful in doing so.  However, EA has decided on the termination of <FIFA Online 2> and has not compensated us for the work so far.”

Neowiz Games has filed a lawsuit based on these grounds according to the Korean Commercial Act.  The Article 92, Item 2 of the Korean Commercial Act states that when a developer company has profited with new customers and increase in trades due to the work of a publishing company, and the profits continue to benefit the developer company after the termination of the contract, the publishing company has the rights to file for the claim of compensation.

Neowiz Games has publicly stated that they “will receive compensations for making <FIFA Online 2> a success.”




Neowiz Games Reports 27% Jump in Q1 Profit

Neowiz Games has come a long way. Neowiz Games impressed the industry with a profit of 16.3 billion Won (approx. US$ 12.6 million) in the first quarter of 2009, a whopping 145% increase over the 6.7 billion Won (approx. US$ 5 million) it earned during the same period in 2008 and a 27% increase from the previous quarter. Revenue has risen 15% to 58.3 billion Won (approx. US$ 44.9 million) from the previous quarter.

The company is attributing the overall rise to the increasing profitability of its blockbuster sports and FPS games such as FIFA Online 2, Slugger, Special Force, and A.V.A as well as its international businesses.