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Games Took More than Half of Korean Content Exports in 2012

Games seem to be the biggest revenue generator amongst Korean content exports in 2012, topping popular K-pops and movies industries dominantly.

KOFC(Korea Finance Corporation)’s report on ‘trend and future of the gaming market’ quoted KOCCA’s research done in 2012 that the game exports totalled $2.6B while the K-pop exports reached only $0.2B.

Besides the games, knowledge information($445M), character($416M), publishing($245M), music($235M), TV program($234M), animation($113M), advertisement($97M), movie($20), and comic($17M) followed.

Amongst the game exports, online games took 91% out of the whole, amounting to $2.41B. The mobile game exports had grown 402.1% from 2011, amouting to $169M. However the game imports had recorded only $79M in 2012.


The largest portion is the game, followed by knowledge information, character, publishing, music, entertainment, content solution, animation, advertisement, movie, and comic.