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The game becomes a legend

The story behind Starcraft booming in S.Korea and eSports.






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Heroes of The Storm 2016 Global tournament schedule announced

Blizzard Entertainment announced ‘Heroes of The Storm‘ 2016 Spring Global Championship Circuit schedule on 18th.

2016 is the first full year for ‘Heroes of The Storm‘ eSports. Blizzard separated the world in 8 different competitive regions – North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Korea, China, and Taiwan. Each competitive event will be operated by a regional eSports partner.

Spring Global Championship will be take place in Seoul, South Korea from April 1-3 with a prize pool of $500,000. After 3 seasonal championships completing, the final will take place in November at Blizzcon.
More than $4 million is on the line in the ‘Heroes of The Storm’ 2016 Global Championship Circuit.

For detailed information on each regional event, you can check out on the official blog.


ESPN reveals the dedicated eSports section

ESPN announced that they launch the dedicated e-sports section on ESPN.com today through eSports Twitter account.

ESPN eSports covers Dota 2, League of Legends, and Hearthstone currently.ESPN has covered Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm through streaming and the channel like ESPN2 before. Since MLG(Major League Gaming) was acquired by Activision Blizzard recently, could it be possible that the year 2016 becomes the first year of buckling down for eSports? Pretty much so.

Former NBA player Rick Fox said, “Everything that is happening in esports is starting to mirror the rise of pro sports.” On ESPN interview.

The move towards eSports is not entirely surprising for ESPN, as it has covered Dota 2’s The International on its streaming ESPN3 channel and has also broadcast finals for Heroes of the Storm and Dota 2 on ESPN 2. ESPN noted that there are up to 200 players who are making at least $40,000 in prize winnings as professional gamers. It is about what the 150th-ranked men’s tennis player and 330th-ranked golfer in the world gross a year.




MBC Distortedly Connects ‘Pimir’ Minki Chun’s Suicide Attempt to Gaming Addiction

There is an ongoing controversy regarding MBC’s (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, one of major broadcasters in Korea) editing of the head investigator’s interview regarding the suicide attempt of AHQ Korea’s professional gamer ‘Pimir’ Minki Chun.

MBC News Today reported on the 14th that Minki Chun exposed the rigging of <League of Legends> games and attempted suicide afterwards.  This news report contained an excerpt from the interview of the head investigator that stated “Played a lot of games over many sleepless nights, and attempted suicide at a moment’s decision.”


Netizens rose up and expressed their discontent saying that the interview of the investigator was misleading to the viewers of the particular news.  The “played a lot of games over many sleepless nights” phrase in the interview may mislead viewers to think that gaming addiction was the cause of the suicide attempt.

As it is already known to the public, Minki Chun’s suicide attempt was directly related to the rigging of the games.  However, MBC began the specific news segment focusing on the existence of ‘gambling’ within eSports, and eventually edited the interview to bring out the subject of ‘gaming addiction.”  By doing this, they have led the viewers to believe that a gaming addicted previous professional gamer got caught in a web of gambles and ultimately attempted to take his own life.

Furthermore, MBC pessimistically reported the news, even stating that the <League of Legends> tournaments may be shut down.  However, the current issue solely deals with the previous coach Dae-Chul Roh’s fraud schemes, and has no direct relations with gaming addictions.

Minki Chun revealed the rigging of the <League of Legends> games and attempted suicide.  After revealing that his sponsor team ahq Korea’s coach, Dae-Chul Roh, had formed his team in the beginning with the sole purpose of fraud, he posted the words “I am leaving after posting these words.”

When the news aired, the netizens rose up against MBC.  The netizens wished for MBC to convey the correct message, saying that “they are destroying the honor of a victim of fraud, titling him with titles such as gaming addict and gambler.  We can’t help but suspect MBC of deliberate editing of the interview.”

On the other hand, Minki Chun is currently hospitalized and have recently regained consciousness.  Riot Games has expressed their concerns for the player, and have promised various forms of support for the suffering player.  Korean eSports Committee plans to pursue this case of fraud and to take lawful procedures.



Nexon supports DOTA2 Korea Champions financially

Nexon reveals DOTA2 NSL (Nexon Sponsorship League) on 22th at the press conference. The press conference was held in Gangnam GOMTV studio. Nexon plans NSL as discovering amateur teams who want to go up pro level and supporting them from various perspectives to make them growing as pro teams safely.

NSL will be held from September and is consist of 3 seasons for 6months with the total sponsorship money $294,000. The champion team for each season will receive financial sponsorship for a year such as a team house, team operation fee, opportunities to compete in foreign events, latest equipment and introducing them to companies who want to establish own pro teams.

The champion for 1st season will receive about $98,000 sponsorship while the 2nd and 3rd season champions receiving $71,600 and $53,700 sponsorship. The champion teams cannot compete in the next season. From 2nd to 8th teams for each season will receive a proper amount of prize money and are seeded for the next season.

16 teams will be selected through the open qualifier. From the round of 16, NSL will be broadcasted at GOMTV live.