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NCsoft up for UE4 FPS project

NCsoft is developing FPS game by using Unreal Engine 4.

NCsoft posted a recruiting announcement for FPS developers who could use Unreal Engine 4 with at least 5 years of developing experience. It has been known that the FPS project has been operated since 2011.  NCsoft started developing it with Unreal Engine 3 first at that time.

NCsoft made Unreal Engine 4 license agreement with Epic Games for their next 2 projects on February.  The FPS project from NCsoft is possibly available after the launching of Lineage Eternal.

This is not the first time NCsoft publishing FPS game. The company published Point Blank from Zepetto in 2007 as well as Renaissance Blood THD from BRIDEA for the tablet market.


Mysterious Projects from NCsoft will use Unreal Engine 4

NCsoft announced that they made a contract with Epic Games to develop 2 huge online games by using Unreal Engine 4 on 14th of February. It means NCsoft has 2 more projects ongoing beside ‘Lineage Eternal’ revealed at G-Star 2011,

Even though NCsoft did not mention what they are, people expect they are ‘LINEAGE3’ and ‘AION2’ because NCsoft called them as next series and they recently insisted using own IP more actively in the future.

It has been known that they have been developing LINEAGE3 since August, 2011 by using their own game engine. But, it has been confirmed that the project was cancelled because of internal issues at the middle of 2012. For AION2, it has been known that it has been on developing from the end of 2011. The original AION was using Cry Engine.

People expect their new projects will be developed for 2 to 3 years with $92.3 million budget for each. This budget size is 4 times bigger than AION and exceeds Archiage as well.

NCsoft Rep said “That’s right. We are developing 2 new series now. However, we cannot confirm what they are. These projects will be introduced after Lineage Eternal.”