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The Fascinating Clicker RPG “Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” is now available in the global App Store

The Fascinating Clicker RPG “Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” of FUNPLE (FUNPLE STREAM in Tokyo) is now available in the global App Store.



Tokyo, Japan. October 25th, 2017 – Good news for the clicker RPG fans and gamers: The brand new mobile clicker RPG is now available in 140 countries’ Global market with 15 languages: “Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” can be downloaded from the APP Store now.

“Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” has been co-developed with FUNPLE STREAM in Tokyo and QUANTUM BIT in Seoul. Based on the 15 languages support, simple game control with various contents and attractive game story, “Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” is aiming the global gamers’ interest.

“Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” has been developed as top quality of mobile IDLE RPG and providing excellent game contents and easy system for the convenience of the user;

l  Character collection: over 70 various characters collecting and upgrading.

l  Time loop: endless time loop to get a time stone for the character growth.

l  Item crafting: easy collecting of resource during the gameplay and simple crafting method.

l  Offline mode: user can proceed a game even in the offline after running a game.

l  PVP & PVE: various dungeons and boss raid, ranking based user competition in the arena.

Also, the game story of “Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” is providing additional fun and interest to the user. The poor family’s young Knight apprentice ‘Arthur’s journey for the glorious heroic victory with his friends has described in the game story pleasantly.

Moreover, “Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” is free to play and gives no stress even to the non-paying user. With these user-friendly game service, this game has updated new server for North America and Asia.

In addition, the FUNPLE STREAM is going to proceed various launching event and update for the user;

l  New episode 2: Stone Golem Saga with 5,000 stages including new eastern 8 heroes

l  Cash item discount event: 20% of discounts to the user who purchases all cash item

l  Character collection event: to the user who collects an alphabet of FUNPLE within the game.

l  In-game community event: the operational in-game event provides through the “FUNPLE Story”, the in-game community.

FUNPLE STREAM is also planning to release “Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga” to the Amazon Store within 2017.



FUNPLE STREAM in Tokyo, Japan is a game publishing company of FUNPLEWORKS (www.funple.com) of Seoul, Korea. Since 2013, FUNPLE STREAM diversified services including game operation, marketing and publishing for the entire game services with the best game companies such as NC soft, Blizzard, etc. FUNPLE STEAM seeks to evolve with the online and mobile game by investing in innovation, providing a hospitable environment for partners, and staying close to the user.

iOS : https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1270593443

Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.funple.game.endlessdungeon.g


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