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The Sims is so dangerous, did you know that?

The Sims has been known as a game that could play with family members together.

But, it could be very dangerous depends on how you play.




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‘Smart Hub,’ the new TV gaming platform

Samsung has announced their TV-based game service ‘Smart Hub.’

Samsung Electronics Co. showcased their 2014 ‘Smart Hub’ at the four day long CES 2014 event in Las Vegas.  Smart Hub is a content platform for the Samsung SmartTV, combining the use of five different categories such as movies, applications, pictures, games, and TV into one screen.

The interesting fact about the new 2014 Smart Hub is that it now focuses on the gaming aspect of the original Smart Hub over the others.  Samsung emphasized in their showcase the various advantages of having a TV as the platform, such as the ability to support high quality graphics and the combined interaction of the screen and the remote controller.

The games line-up for the Smart Hub include EA’s <Monopoly>, Hanbitsoft’s <World in Audition>, <Grand Mer>, nFun’s <Sky Chaser>, Com2us’ <Golf Star>, and Momo’s <Miracle Band>.  These games have been chosen for their relative ease in controls, and many other companies in the industry plan to join in on this new trend.

The need for extra hardware is eliminated with the use of the SmartTV platform.  Accordingly, Samsung announced the various ways the games will be controlled, including the ‘Smart Control’ remote controller, regular TV remote, and mobile phones.  Furthermore, the SmartTV’s already existing network capabilities will be used in order to include cooperative and competitive gameplay.

Smart Hub is planned to be initially launched in Korean, North American, and European regions, and its global launch is to be followed after confirming additional contents.


Neowiz sues EA “We will receive compensations for FIFA Online 2”

A suit filed against EA based on Article 92, Item 2 of the Korean Commercial Act this past June.

Neowiz Games has sued EA Korea in order to receive compensations for the service termination of <FIFA Online 2>.

According to the Neowiz representative, Neowiz had sued EA on September 30th in order to receive compensation for their losses that had occurred along with the termination of <FIFA Online 2>.  After the initial request for the certification of contents regarding their claim for compensation, the lawsuit is currently on-going since late June.

The purpose of the lawsuit is to receive compensation for the invested manpower and expenses during their contract with <FIFA Online 2>.  The Neowiz representative has stated their stance on the matter saying “Neowiz Games has worked tirelessly for the past 5 years in order to bring outstanding service to the game and have been successful in doing so.  However, EA has decided on the termination of <FIFA Online 2> and has not compensated us for the work so far.”

Neowiz Games has filed a lawsuit based on these grounds according to the Korean Commercial Act.  The Article 92, Item 2 of the Korean Commercial Act states that when a developer company has profited with new customers and increase in trades due to the work of a publishing company, and the profits continue to benefit the developer company after the termination of the contract, the publishing company has the rights to file for the claim of compensation.

Neowiz Games has publicly stated that they “will receive compensations for making <FIFA Online 2> a success.”




Neowiz keeps discussing with EA for FIFA Online 2

The negotiation between Neowiz Games and EA for expanding FIFA Online 2 publishing contract is continuing regardless of EA announced Nexon as Korean publisher of FIFA Online 3 yesterday. A person from Neowiz Games said the communication keeps going and nothing is decided yet.

Since the contract is expired, EA and Neowiz Games expanding the contract monthly. FIFA Online 2 is the only sports game in Korea that broke 10 billion Won (US$ 8.87 million) revenue per month as a sports game.

It is up to EA now. Under the circumstance that publishers for FIFA Online 2 and 3 are different, people would like to know what decision EA will be made. The yearly FIFA Online 2 revenue is STILL up to US$88.7 million yearly.

The service of FIFA Online 2 will not be closed within a month or two because of EULA and other various issues including refunds.

The Battle of Online Baseball Games

CJ E&M, NCsoft and Nexon will compete in baseball game genre.

Nexon declares developing an online baseball game based on the real world first. Nexon also showed its aggressive move toward baseball genre by announcing the online baseball game development plan with 2K Sports in May, 2011 and starting to sponsor one of Korean professional baseball teams – Lotte Giants.

NCsoft made a contract with EA to publish ‘MVP Baseball Online’. The game is developed by EA Korea Seoul Studio. Because NCsoft found 9th professional baseball team ‘NC Dinosaur’, the company is known to give wholehearted support to its baseball game.

CJ E&M also revealed ‘MAGU The Real’, a baseball game by Unreal Engine 3. The game emphasizes its reality by adopting the real data from Korean professional baseball league.

The interesting issue is that a rival, ‘MLB 2K’ and ‘MVP Baseball’, will compete with each other again in Korea. Since 2K Sports acquired exclusive MLB license in 2006, ‘MVP Baseball’ has not released the latest version since 2005. However the exclusive contract is expired in 2012, ‘MVP Baseball’ could get MLB license as well.

NC Dinosaur is a team based on Changwon regionally, while Lotte Giants, which is sponsored by Nexon, is based on Busan. Two teams are doomed to become a rival since Changwon and Busan is very close. We expect that it is not far away two biggest online game companies in Korea will fight each other at baseball stadiums.

We cannot under estimate CJ E&M’s ‘MAGU The Real’ because CJ E&M is the current leader in Korean online baseball game market with ‘MaguMagu’.

‘MAGU The Real’ is expected to be available in late 2012, while ‘2K Baseball Online’ is scheduled for 2013. There is nothing to be known about ‘MVP Baseball Online’ releasing schedule. We expect it to be available 2013 as well.

Common things among 3 different online baseball games are that they all emphasize its reality as well as all of them will be likely to have KBO(Korean Baseball Organization) license.