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Who’s Best Game Babes?

Unlike other foreign games, Korean games often cast famous FEMALE entertainers as their promotional models. What’s important here is they are so beautiful that even non-gamers get tempted to play the games. I researched who became Game Babes(we rather call them Goddess in Korea) this year so far for you. (yes, really, for you.)

NHN’s MMORPG <EoS> chose MinKyung Kang, a member of female duo named Davichi, as <EoS> Girl. Terrific pick!




Girl’s Day and SoHee Song, a Korean classical singer, were on Nexon’s <Sudden Attack>. There were in-game Girl’s Day skin costume then.




<Dungeon & Fighter> released a very interesting promotional video starring IU and BongSun Shin, a female entertainer, last January. What’s fun here is that they awkwardly resemble each other. How much? See the pictures below and you tell us!


<Mabinogi: Heroes> casted Lady’s Code as a promotional model for its last massive winter update. They wore in-game costumes and dressed up as Lyn which was a new character coming soon then.



Not only online games but also mobile games did use this marketing model. Hanbitsoft worked with HaeRyung, an youngest member of a female group BESTie, for its mobile game <FC Manager Mobile 2014>. HaeRyung was in charge of not only promotional model but also in-game manager instructing how to play the game.




Last but not least, SoHee Yoon(<Three Kingdoms Dragon Pop>), Nine Muses(<Three Kingdoms PK>), and AOA(<Tigyuk-Tagyuk>) are also our Game Babes this year. XD20140304110936_652220140303163434_815120140303163127_9187


Security information was leaked for Dungeon&Fighter

A staff from Neople, the developer of Dungeon&Fighter, leaked the security technology of Dungeon&Fighter.

The key security technology for Dungeon&Fighter called ‘Hacktype’ could indicate bot programs and shut down accounts that are using bots. ‘Ms.A’ joined Neople in 2005 and has worked at the operating team since the launch of Dungeon&Fighter. Mr.B from a virtual item factory approached her through her brother in 2010 and asked her for the information of Hacktype. In return, he offered a good amount of money.

From April, 2010 to July, 2011, she provided various information of Harcktype and update schedule, log files for more than 10,000 accounts etc to him. Mr.B wired money to Ms.A 21 times. The total amount of money he wired is US$106,140. She spent the money to pay her debts and buy a car.

Neople asked the investigative agency to investigate the security issue because even though they update the security program several times, it was breached. Ms.A was asked for 1 year in prison and charged an additional fee of US$71,590. Her brother was asked for 10 months in prison and charged an additional fee of US$34,550.

DOTA2 for Asia is preparing

DOTA2 from Valve is preparing for the service in Asia. Perfect World announced that the publishing contract for DOTA2 service in China was done on the 10th of July.  Who will be DOTA2. Korean publisher? It is Nexon. Valve and Nexon have been in conversation over DOTA2 Korean service during the first half of the year. Nexon told that nothing is official because the contract is not made yet.

Nexon and Valve has been working together since they co-developed Counterstrike Online in 2007. Counterstrike Online is successful in China, Korea, and Taiwan. They announced Counterstrike Online 2 in February, 2012.

Nexon uses Source Engine to developed Vindictus and announced Dungeon&Fighter Online and Vindictus will be serviced through Steam as well.