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Actoz Soft Embraces New Dungeon Striker

<Dungeon Striker> currently published by Hangame will be taken over to Actoz Soft.

On the 28th of Feburary, Actoz Soft announced that it will be publishing the action RPG after Hangame in the future. The service through Hangame will be closed on March 7th.

Hangame gave up the game due to poor performance it showed so far. Given that, Eyedentity Games, the developer, is re-making the game from the ground. The name of the game will also be changed to <New Dungeon Striker>.

“We are glad to help <New Dungeon Striker>’s another leap. We will do our best to provide best environment for the players and the game,” said SungGon Bae the vice-president of Actoz Soft Online Business.

“I would like to apologize to the current players who love playing <Dungeon Striker>. We are doing our best to recover your faith in us through <New Dungeon Striker>,” said JoongSun Jang the director of Eyedentity Games.

The exact launching date for <New Dungeon Striker> is not announced yet.


Dungeon Striker revealed OBT contents

Dungeon Striker, Action Online Game from Eyedentity Games, OBT will be started from 15th of May with tons of new contents including 5 new classes. Total of 4 new dungeons for high level contents will be included as well.

An update for the game will be added every month after OBT starts. Each update will include a new class and dungeons. In addition to the existing 9 classes, War Priest, Blade Dancer, Warlock, Mystic and Dreadnought will be introduced.

A person from NHN told “We are focusing on providing contents that users wants for a long term continuously.”

You can watch the movie that introduces 5 new classes at the following link: