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[Dungeon & Fighter] Reached 200,000 CCUs in Korea

Neople announced that its MMROPG Dungeon & Fighter (던전앤파이터: Kor) operated by Samsung reached 200,000 CCUs in Korea. The company found that the event that gave away a jumping character which normally can be played up from level 40 was one of main reasons behind such surge in CCUs.

[Dungeon & Fighter] Reached 2.1 M CCUs in China

Neople announced that Dungeon & Fighter (DNF) reached 2,100,000 CCUs. The game have been operated by its local partner Tencent since last year.

If you want to read the original article on TIG which is written in Korean, click here. I am sure you non-Korean readers figure out a way to translate it.


[Dungeon Fighter] Set the launch date for Taiwan

DNFLast May I posted a news that Neople is going to publish Dungeon Figther in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao in 3Q with the local publishing partner, Gamania. Now they set up an official launch date for DNF as July 16th.

Gamania had a CBT from June and used up 60,000 beta keys right after they became available to gamers.

[The9] WoF China or DF China?

I posted a news that after losing the WoW operation license its rival NetEase, The9 planned to launch a brand new game called World of Fight《名?三?WOF: Chi》. It turns out that despite its name the game may look a little bit like Dungeon Figher.

Except its setting which is based on China Three Kingdoms, someone may say that in-game characters, actions, skills remind them of Dungeon Fighter A LOT.

Here are some screenshots so see for yourself;


[Dungeon Fighter] Brought to you in Taiwan by Gamania

Dungeon Fighter Online

Neople, Korea-based developer, announced that the company will launch Dungeon Fighter Online?(던전앤파이터: kor) with local publishing partner, Gamania, in Taiwan, Hong??Kong and Macao in 3Q.

So far Dungeon Fighter reached 190,000 CCU in China and more than 1 M RUs in?Korea, China and Japan combined all together.