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Typical Korean game companies start recruiting new people

Typical  Korean online game companies like Nexon, NHN starts recruiting new people.

Nexon will hire more than 100 new talented people this year. Nexon has subsidiary companies like Neople(Dungeon&Fighter), Nexon Mobile, Gamehi(Sudden Attack). About 10,000 people applied to Nexon last year for 100 opened jobs.

Dragonfly, best known for the developer of Special Force, Karma Online and Soldier of fortune Online, recruit new people for the first time since the company was established in 1995.

JCE, best known for Freestyle, is also looking for new talented people for programming, designing, Marketing&PR as well as Global business.

NHN is recruiting new people for software developments, IT service, e-Biz etc. Ncsoft will announce recruitment soon as well.

Special Force2 ranked 2nd in FPS genre

The sequel of Special Force, Service name in U.S is Soldier Front, ranked 2nd place on FPS game ranking in Korea. Special Force2 is developed by Dragonfly and published by CJ E&M. The #1 FPS game in Korea is Sudden Attack. It has not changed for a few years.

Special Force2 started the commercial service on 11th of August. The start is pretty good so far. Because the game was built upon Unreal3 engine, differences between 1 and 2 are huge including better graphics and better game system. Of course, it requires better hardware to run the game smoothly. For example, Duel Core CPU and Geforce 8600GT above graphic cards are required to play Special force2.

Usually, new games are ranked in high when they start OBT and the commercial service. Therefore we need to keep paying attention on Special Force2 for a while to confirm 2nd. However, So far Special Force 2 seems just fine.


[Korea] Company of Heroes & Quake Wars Go Online

Two popular computer games, Company of Heroes and Quake Wars, goes online and kicks off OBT in Korea.

Company of Heroes Online is operated by Windysoft. The online adaptation?is true to the original PC game and 16 campaigns from the original will be available for free in order to offer users accessibility. The OBT begins on April 27.

Quake Wars Online is released by Dragonfly in Korea and enters OBT from April 30. Quake Wars Online is expected to be a persistent Quake Wars.

[Special Force] Licensing Renewed in Taiwan and Thailand

If you were thinking about publishing Special Force in Taiwan or Thailand, sorry it’s taken. Dragonfly, a developer company of famous FPS Special Force, renewed its licensing agreements with current partners; True Digital Entertainment (TDE) for Thailand and Wayi International Digital Entertainment for Taiwan.

TDE has been publishing Special Force since 2006 as attracting more than 18,000,000 users (50,000 CCUs) and making 19 billion Won (or US$14.6 million) from the game last year. (No wonder Dragonfly extended the contract.) The arrangement will let TDE enjoy the success 5 more years.

As for Wayi, they only got 2 more years out of the contract renewal. Wayi has been publishing the game since 2007 and reached 5,000,000 users and 20,000 CCUs. The company made 3.7 billion Won (or US$2.5 million) from the game in 1H09.

If you want to read the original article on TIG which is written in Korean,?click here. (Thailand)

If you want to read the original article on TIG which is written in Korean,?click here. (Taiwan)


[eFusion] Resurrected Blitz 1941in Germany

blitz1941Blitz 1941 is developed by Mowell Soft which was acquired by Dragonfly in 2006. NHN published the game until 2007 in Korea via its game portal Hangame. Surprisingly, it made a comeback after 2 years in Germany by eFusion MMOG. The game enters OBT on September 3rd.