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[Korea] Weekly Update- Test Schedule

1. Seoyugi (서유기전:Kor) (OBT: 5/13~)

  • Developer: NNG
  • Publisher: CJ Internet (Netmarble)

Seoyugi is a Maple Story-like side scroll game developed by a Korean developer that launched Ghost Online (귀혼:Kor). The game received a positive review for its unique background graphics, seamless movement and adorable characters.

2. Legend of Edda (에다전설: Kor) (OBT: 5/13~)

  • Developer/Publisher: EYA Soft

EYA Soft’s new casual MMORPG, ?Legend of Edda, enters OBT on May 13. The testers reviewed the game as OK contents in a good quality. In a pre-open beta test, the game faced with balancing problems.

3. 一劍香: Chi (일검향: Kor) (OBT:?5/11~)

  • Developer: Kong|DACN
  • Publisher: G1 Interactive

Testers reviewed the game as a very Chinese game- what you expect from a Chinese game is all in there with a few twists.

4.?Come On Baby! All Stars (OBT:?5/13~)

A previously famous arcade game get a second chance after shutting down the game in 2008.

5. Mythos (Final test: 5/13~19)

  • Developer/Publisher: Hanbit Soft

Hanbit Soft carried the torch after receiving source code from Flagship Studios. In the previous tests, the company let down Korean users with bugs and lack of updated content.

6. Valiant (2nd CBT: 5/11~15)

  • Developer/Publisher: Mgame

Valiant is an action MMORPG but didn’t come strong and failed to wow users in the previous CBT. The company hired a famous martial arts trainer to vamp up its action scenes.

7. Giga Slave (3rd CBT: 5/13~19)

Developer/Publisher: GNi Soft

Giga Slave is a sequel to Art of War and sort of Soldat-like game.

8. Dragona (1st CBT: 5/13~17)

  • Developer/Publisher: Liveplex

Dragona is the first game that Liveplex developed in-house.

[Liveplex] Unveils Dragona Online Teaser Site

Liveplex launched a teaser site for its MMORPG Dragona. The company has been developing the game for two years with 70 development staff.