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AD HyungTae Kim’s Next Move is Mobile Game

Nextfloor, a developer of mobile games <Dragon Flight> and <El Brisa>, announced cooperative development with Shift Up. Shift Up is a start-up mobile game developer founded by HyungTae Kim, ex-AD of <Blade & Soul>. It’s his first move after resignation from NCsoft and the MMORPG.

Shift Up conisists of many members from <Blade & Soul> development team. They are currently recruiting illustrators, concept artists, 3D artists, programmers, and game designers in order to work on the project veiled. The project should reportedly be out within the second half of this year.

“It’s honor to be with Shift Up’s start. We will put our best effort on this project with a renewed attitude,” said MinKyu Kim the CEO of Nextfloor.

“It’s so supportive that being with Nextfloor right next to us. I will do our best as an illustrator and a developer, and I am pretty sure that this cooperation is Shift Up’s chance to one step forward,” said Kim the CEO of Shift Up.


KAKAO dominates Korean mobile game publishing platform

Since KAKAO Talk launched its game service called ‘KAKAO Games’ on August, the revenue for the first month of the service already reached US$4.33 million and US$37million on October – 9 times growing within 2months.

KAKAO Games started with 10 games on August and have 31 games now. Two of them, AniPang and Dragon Flight, have been incredibly successful with more than 10 million downloads. The revenue for AniPang has been increased 400 times and 2,800 times for Dragon Flight after both launched through KAKAO.

KAKAO is taking care of fun, social related system, Business model of games as their publishing criteria. If you want to publish your game through KAKAO, the game must be evaluated by two teams – the external evaluation team first and the internal team secondly.

KAKAO is dominating the mobile messenger market in Korea and expand its territories to games, social commerce and so on. The goal for KAKAO is making 1 million partners who make revenue through KAKAO platform within the next 3 years.

KAKAO announced 3 new services on the 20th of November – Story Plus, Chatting Plus, and KAKAO page. Story Plus provides a marketing tool for mid-sized companies who want to promote their products and communicate with the customer directly. Chatting Plus allows using apps from third parties within KAKAO chatting. KAKAO Page makes easy for individual to share their contents with others. The revenue from contents is shared with each individual – 50% for individual, 20% for KAKAO, 30% for App Store. These 3 new services will launch during the first quarter of the next year.

KAKAO has 30 million abroad users. Most of them are overseas Korean and people who like Korea. Wemade Entertainment and Tencent from China invested more than US$83 million on KAKAO.