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[Dungeon & Fighter] Reached 2.1 M CCUs in China

Neople announced that Dungeon & Fighter (DNF) reached 2,100,000 CCUs. The game have been operated by its local partner Tencent since last year.

If you want to read the original article on TIG which is written in Korean, click here. I am sure you non-Korean readers figure out a way to translate it.


[Dungeon Fighter] Set the launch date for Taiwan

DNFLast May I posted a news that Neople is going to publish Dungeon Figther in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao in 3Q with the local publishing partner, Gamania. Now they set up an official launch date for DNF as July 16th.

Gamania had a CBT from June and used up 60,000 beta keys right after they became available to gamers.