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68% DAU decreased for Cyworld App Store

Won-seok Shin, a Team manager of Open-Social Business, said “Cyworld has nowhere to go” at 2012 Smart Social Game Party in Seoul. Cyworld is PC-based social network service from SK Communications.

He revealed that Cyworld lost large portion of users during the past. In March, 2011, 490,000 users played games at Cyworld App Store, only 150,000 users were remained in February, 2012. According to their survey, the main reasons users would not play games at their App Store are;

1)     Do not use PC often

2)     Tired of playing games I used to play

3)     Getting busy = Waste of time

4)     Do not use Cyworld often

Especially he found that they used to have lots of female users who are between 19 to 24 years old, however now male users are dominating. He assumed Female users between 19 to 24 years old changed the gaming platform to smartphone instead of PC.

He said Cyworld will focus on old users because most of revenue is from users who are over 30’s. The limit to purchase per time will be increased to $50 to $70 to make users to purchase more at a time. They plan to increase contents for adults while strengthen their viral channel, marketing and mobile service business.