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SmileGate sets up Cross Fire 2 development team

Translated by Jeff Lee from Kiyat Games (https://www.facebook.com/KiyatGames)

A sequel to the popular FPS game <Cross Fire> officially undergoes development.

The development for <Cross Fire 2> began this past summer.  According to ThisisGame.com’s interview, <Cross Fire 2> is still in the process of setting up the development team and a specific concept or direction of development has not yet been decided.

However, employment notice on SmileGate Inc.’s webpage gives a hint on <Cross Fire 2>’s direction on development.  The job position requirement for the character modeling manager position stated “3D render creations of realistic military themed characters and monsters,” and the character concept artist position stated “photo-realistic color and quality.”

Taking these hints into consideration, the game seems to be heading towards a game that has realistic graphics, and the fights will not only be between humans but between monsters as well.

A representative from SmileGate said in a phone call with ThisisGame.com that “it is true that <Cross Fire 2>’s development is confirmed.  However, we are still in the process of recruiting team members and we cannot reveal any details of the game.  The job position requirements listed in our webpage are still just possibilities and they are not final.”

The original <Cross Fire> is a game that exceeded 4,000,000 concurrent users in China.  While the game came to a halt in Korea back in June 2012 after Neowiz Games terminated publishing the game, it is planned to continue service once again starting this month through SmileGate.


Conflict over Crossfire is over

The conflict between Smilegate and Neowiz Games is over. Neowiz Games and Smilgate agreed to extend the contract for Chinese service until July of 2016 on the 7th of December. About the dispute over the trademark and DB, Neowiz admitted those are the properties of Smilegate and withdrew the lawsuit.

Crossfire service for Korea will be operated by Smilegate directly with DB provided by Neowiz Games. In addition, Smilegate has gained entire publishing rights for Crossfire for the rest of the world with the trade of Chinese service to Neowiz Games. Neowiz Games will support Smilegate technically when they publish Crossfire to other countries.

Smilegate, working directly with Tencent

Smilegate, the developer of Crossfire, joined user meeting in China with Tencent and without Neowiz Games.

It reflects that Smilegate has decided to say farewell to Neowiz and work directly with Tencent. The publishing contract with Neowiz for China will be expired at the summer of the next year. Crossfire set the new CCU record in China with over 400 million and turned over US$893 million in 2011 for China only.

Smilegate and Neowiz Games filed lawsuits against each other. Neowiz Games claimed they have the trademark right and Smilegate filed a lawsuit for reclaiming.

And Neowiz Games filed a lawsuit to prohibit Smilegate to publish the game to third companies without Neowiz Games because Neowiz Games also participated in developing the game. Neowiz claimed that they developed DB technology for the game solely Smilegate requested Neowiz Games to define the DB program in detail.

All injunctions both companies applied have been accepted to the court. We are all waiting for the decision from the court.


The dispute over Crossfire trademark has just begun

The court accepted the request of injunction for prohibition of disposition from Smilegate against Neowiz Games.

According to this decision, Smilegate could protect tis right for Crossfire trademark and prohibit Neowiz to transfer or re-sell it. It was caused by Neowiz who has refused to return the right for the trademark after the publishing contract was expired.

Smilegate is satisfied with the court decision and keeps requesting their right on Crossfire trademark until it is finally backed to them through the court.

Dispute over Crossfire trademark rights

Smilegate announces they sued Neowiz Games for returning of Crossfire trademark rights today. This action is about returning Crossfire trademark rights to Smilegate because Neowiz Games closed its domestic publishing service on the 11th of July.

Smilegate is carry forward publishing Crossfire in Korea by itself. However, they cannot use the title ‘Crossfire’ unless Neowiz Games returns the rights. This law suit could influence the its service in China because Neowiz Games has the trademark rights in China as well. Smilegate only has the rights for its DB. The publishing contract with Tencent will be expired at the next summer.

Crossfire is ranked #1 in China with 3.5 million CCU.