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We will give up the patent for gamer

There is a developer and a company who gave up applying a  patent for their unique UI.
The result made a specific game genre meets its prime time.


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Rockman Online cancelled

Neowiz Games announced on 13th that they agreed with Capcom to cancel developing ‘Rockman Online’ last November and dismissed the team.

Neowiz Games made the contract with Capcom to develop ‘Rockman Online’ in 2010 and revealed playable version at G-Star. However, the rumors have been growing because ▶the official blog has not updated since March, 2012 ▶A developer from the team posted the project is cancelled on his blog.

The representative of Neowiz Games says “Both companies could not find middle ground, even though both discussed hard from its perfection, developing speed and communications. Therefore, both agreed to cancel the project finally on November, 2012.”


[CJ Internet] Acquired SEED9

CJ Internet is in the process of closing ?its acquisition of SEED9 Entertainment, a co-developer of 魔界村 Online (마계촌 온라인: Kor) with Capcom. CJ Internet also secured the publishing right of Project Monarch, a MMORPG currently developed by Maius Games. Both games are expected to operate via Netmarble, CJ Internet’s game portal in Korea.

CJ Internet is planning an official announcement for such deals in detail soon.

[Neowiz] Beefs up RPG lines with Monster Hunter

Neowiz started ‘channeling’ Monster Hunter Frontier Online via its game portal Pmang in Korea. NHN, the official local publishing partner of Capcom, began the OBT last August. Monster Hunter adopted a payment scheme from the Japanese service-? free-to-play up to level 10 then charges 16,500 Won (about US$ 13) monthly subscription fee in Korea.