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[Cosplay] Blade & Soul ‘Nam SoYoo’

Pictures in this series are taken by TA2GETA of Thisisgame.com.

Cosplay: <Blade & Soul> Nam SoYoo

Cosplayer: EunSiHyang of TEAM CSL



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[Cosplay] Blade & Soul ‘Dang YuWal’

Pictures in this series are taken by TA2GETA of Thisisgame.com.

Cosplay: <Blade & Soul> Dang YuWal

Cosplayer: JooA of TEAM CSL

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[Cosplay] Blade & Soul ‘Yuran’

Pictures in this series are taken by TA2GETA of Thisisgame.com.

Cosplay: <Blade & Soul> Yuran

Cosplayer: Pion of TEAM CSL

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NCsoft’s Sleeping Titles About to Wake Up

20140516115031_7586NCsoft’s <Lineage Enternal> and <Metal Black: Alternative>are scheduled to go through closed tests within the second half of this year.

On 16th, NCsoft announced its upcoming line-ups for the second half of this year. <MBA> is a ‘shoot & bomb’ game first revealed in 2010, featuring TPS elements with AOS system. <Lineage Eternal> is also coming back from silence since last G-star 2011, featuring ‘drag-skill’ that casts skills in accordance with how you drag a mouse and interactive objects.


NCsoft’s mobile line-ups are announced as well. <Blade & Soul TCG> and other franchise IPs related to past games such as <Lineage> will be revealed in order.

Meanwhile, NCsoft’s <Guild Wars 2> just begun its official service in China on the 15th of May after its three closed tests since May 2013. KongZhonog, the Chinese publisher, chose one-time payment with no monthly subscription. Its pre-order has been sold 500,000 copies from last April 2 to 30.


AD HyungTae Kim’s Next Move is Mobile Game

Nextfloor, a developer of mobile games <Dragon Flight> and <El Brisa>, announced cooperative development with Shift Up. Shift Up is a start-up mobile game developer founded by HyungTae Kim, ex-AD of <Blade & Soul>. It’s his first move after resignation from NCsoft and the MMORPG.

Shift Up conisists of many members from <Blade & Soul> development team. They are currently recruiting illustrators, concept artists, 3D artists, programmers, and game designers in order to work on the project veiled. The project should reportedly be out within the second half of this year.

“It’s honor to be with Shift Up’s start. We will put our best effort on this project with a renewed attitude,” said MinKyu Kim the CEO of Nextfloor.

“It’s so supportive that being with Nextfloor right next to us. I will do our best as an illustrator and a developer, and I am pretty sure that this cooperation is Shift Up’s chance to one step forward,” said Kim the CEO of Shift Up.