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[Korea] Weekly Update

This is a slow week for Korea. Only two games–G2 and Luna Plus– kicked off tests and there won’t be any until next Thursday when two FPS games?Battery and Battlefield Online will be launched.

G2 OBT (3/15~)

G2 is a sequel to Gold Wing and a casual shooting RPG developed by nPluto. Like Gold Wing, its aerial battle between airplanes and robots.

G2 has been launched in Japan.

Luna Plus 3rd CBT (3/18~29)

EYAsoft brought back Luna Online as Luna Plus adding a new race, housing system, vehicles for above level 50 users.

Luna Plus is expected to enter OBT on April.

[Battlefield Online] Ended the Final Test With 100,000 Users in Korea

Neowiz Games announced that the company just ended the Final Test of Battlefield Online, a FPS game developed by Neowiz Games and EA. The test began on 5th and ended 11th with 100,000 users who enjoyed updated contents. Battlefield Online is expected to launch in 1Q 2010 in Korea.

[Korea] Weekly Update: Game Launch

Korean gamers will be torn apart between C9 and Battlefield Online (aka Battlefield Heroes) as two blockbuster games’s CBTs overlap some days. Of course provided you are chosen as beta tester. Besides two blockbuster games, a few promising games are starting a CBT this week.

Hessian (Military TPS)

C9 (Action RPG)

Battlefield Heroes (FPS)

  • Developer: EA
  • Publisher: Neowiz (Pmang)
  • Status: 2nd CBT (8/4~10)

Heva Online (Casual MMORPG)

  • Developer: Playbuster
  • Publisher: WindySoft
  • Status: 2nd CBT (8/4~10)

Appie Online 2 (2D RPG)

  • Developer/?Publisher: SeedC Korea
  • Status: CBT (8/6~20)