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NHN Entertainment plans to add three new subsidiaries

NHN Entertainment, a company that had separated itself from NHN Corp. earlier this year, plans to add three new subsidiaries.  The three new companies, which are fully financed by NHN Entertainment, are NHN BlackPick, NHN PixelCube and NHN Studio 629.  This inquiry will be held as the focus of the upcoming shareholders’ meeting on January 29th, and will be put in effect on February 1st.


NHN BlackPick will be responsible for operating and managing PC based MMORPG <E.O.S>, <Asta>, and <Football Day>.  NHN BlackPick will also be responsible for managing the mobile games <Team Nine> and <Baseball 9 Dan>.  On the other hand, NHN PixelCube will operate the mobile games <Fish Island>, <Line POP>, and <Line Jelly>.  Lastly, NHN Studio 629 will be developing and operating the mobile games <POKOPang for Kakao> and <Wooparoo Mountain for Kakao>.

The most noticeable feature of these new subsidiaries is that they are not each divided into specific categories, such as business, development and operation, but rather all three are responsible for multiple fields of game development.  All three companies have received full rights for their games in management and licensing.  NHN Entertainment will not limit the capabilities of their subsidiaries.  This will allow the three companies to be independent of each other regardless of their plans.


Ever since NHN has grown larger, it has continuously attempted at dividing itself in order to allow further growth.  NHN has separated their Ads and Infrastructure departments away from the core company back in May 2009.  It established Camp Mobile and Line Plus this year in order to follow the latest mobile trend.  The latest change to NHN is their decision to create NHN Entertainment to separately manage their games department.

All three of the subsidiaries will still be located within the NHN Entertainment Play Museum, developing and operating various genres of games, including action, puzzle, and RPG.

Black Desert 1st CBT, 2nd OBT start for Archlord and Asta

Translated by Jeff Lee from Kiyat Games (https://www.facebook.com/KiyatGames)

Week of Focus: 10/14 – 10/20

There are a quite a number of MMORPGs that have started their testing phases this week.  To begin with, highly anticipated <Black Desert> is starting its first CBT and <Archlord 2> and <Asta> are starting their OBT.


Game Title

Black Desert

Test Phase

1st Close Beta Test


October 17th – 23rd


Non-Target action and various lifestyle contents

Official Site Here

Developed by Pearl Abyss and published by DAUM, the MMORPG <Black Desert> is undergoing its first CBT from October 17th to the 23rd.

<Black Desert> is an MMORPG that shines with action packed combat.  With combat consisting of a non-targeting system that allows a player to strike multiple foes within the striking range, avoiding enemy attacks to strike at their weak spots, and combat while on mounts, there are a vast amount of content to be seen in just combat alone.

There are other interesting content in the game other than combat, such as: exploration of unknown areas of the map, trading system that adapts to the market that changes in real time, and a housing system that allows players to build and customize their own houses.  However, due to the limited time of the CBT phase, the combat content seem to be the main focus.

During this 1st CBT, there will be warriors, rangers, sorcerers, and giants available to play up to level 40.  2 locations with around 250 quests will be available to the players, and PvP, Siege Battles, and mount customization will also be available.


Game Title


Test Phase

Open Beta Test


Starting from October 16th


War between two opposing factions set in Asian Fantasy World

Official Site Here

Set in an Asian fantasy world, MMORPG <ASTA> is starting its OBT on October 16th.

<ASTA> features a large scale war between two factions called “Ah-su” and “Hwang-chun”.  There will be a few different PvP features available, including a 15 vs 15 instance battle and 1 vs 1 “job duels”.

<ASTA> is set in a unique world, emphasizing the oriental feel of the Asian fantasy world.  It’s to no surprise that players will find many things in the game that will remind them of different Asian cultures, spanning from but not limited to Korea, China, and Japan.  Also, as many <ASTA> fans might already know, in order to be more successful at giving a mystical feeling to the world, the famous musician Yang Bang-Un has participated in the creation of the game’s OST.


Game Title

Archlord 2

Test Phase

Retail Service


Starting from October 17th


FreeClass system that allows usage of any weapons

Official Site Here

Developed by Webzen, <Archlord 2> starts its retail service on October 17th.  A key feature of this game is the free class system that allows players to wield weapons of their choice, with no restrictions set to the character classes.  A player that loves dual-wielding swords may at any time switch to a staff in order to heal, or even switch to a bow to allow for long range combat.

This free class system has almost limitless possibilities in how it could change the gameplay for the players.  For example, in a large scale combat, your enemies and allies could be locked in a close combat situation that makes it difficult for yourself to approach the main battle.  The free class system will allow them to switch to either a bow or a staff in order to join the combat from range.

Another key feature of <Archlord 2> is the large scale combat between the light’s “Eim-high” and the darkness’ “Demolition”.  Players must survive in midst of this large scale combat in order to become an “Archlord”.

MMORPG Asta started the 1st CBT

MMORPG Asta started CBT. The test will be continued until 29th of January with the testers already were chosen. Asta, developed by Polygon Games, is Asian Fantasy MMORPG that reflects various cultures and legends from China, Korea and Japan etc.

The game provides various quest patterns, large-scale siege warfare and PvP between two different groups such as 10 Vs. 10 PvP arena and many more.
The OSTs were produced by Ryo Kunihiko, a well-known musician and experienced in recoding online game OST like Aion.

Asta will be published by NHN in Korea later this year.

Eastern Fantasy MMORPG ASTA had the 1st CBT

ASTA had the 1st CBT and reveals test play movies. Eastern Fantasy MMORPG Asta was revealed at G-Star 2010 for the first time. The game is  developed by Polygon Games and published by NHN.

Players were divided by two forces ‘Asu’ and ‘Hwangchon’ and keep fight against gods who threaten the world. ASTA is the gate that connects to the world of gods. To open the gate, players must enter into Nirvana(leveling) first.

During the test, the game reveals three races of Asu – Yong/Ho/Human races. Asta will have more CBTs within this year.

The first impression is that the game resembles World of Warcraft from creating characters, intro movies, and most of processes.

The link : Movies from CBT

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