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Archeage OBT cruising with 20 servers

Archeage OBT for Korean gamer started 8:00 AM on the 2nd of January. XLGames provided 20 servers for OBT with contents up to level 40.

Most servers display busy or a waiting number to connect. Some popular servers have 500~1,000 gamer on the waiting list and 2,300 gamer for the best server. There has not been any report that serious server issues yet.

XLGames is monitoring all servers to keep each server status still and controlling monster regenerating speed for some crowded regions.

XLGames said “We are trying our best to prevent even minor issues happening because the game has been developed more than 6 years. We will provide best game experiences to gamer with various ways.”

Archeage OBT starts with the New Year

Jake Song from XLGames announced the OBT schedule for Archeage at the press conference today. OBT will start on the 2nd of January and users could create ID and characters from the 19th to 30th of December. The client software would be available to download from the 17th of December.

Jake Song said “We have received lots of feedback from the last 5 CBTs and improved as much as it could.”

Archeage is his new MMORPG since he developed Lineage 14 years ago. It took more than 6 years to develop with 180 developers and about US$38 million spending.

The additional details about OBT will be announced on 18th.

New siege warfare systems and Chinese contents for Archeage 5th CBT

XL Games revealed a few features that will be presented during Archeage 5th CBT at Chinajoy 2012.

Players could expect to experience various siege warfare systems and Chinese contents. The biggest change for the siege warfare system in Archeage is the reinforcements system. The company also reinforces the use of marine resources. During the battle over marine resources, users would be exposed to PvP and PvE contents naturally. Battleships become more important for PvP at seas. There will be area for building aqua farms and houses at seas. Chinese contents team will introduce Chinese style medium-small sized houses and castles.

Archeage 5th CBT will be opened from the 16th to 31st of August with 130,000 selected users domestically. Chinese CBT users that were selected by Tencent, the Chinese publisher, will joined the 5th CBT as well.

Archeage released the first story teaser movie

XL Games revealed the story teaser movie and the poster prior to CBT5.

The first story teaser and the poster are about Orchidna, the bastard infant daughter of Kyprosa Daeiors uncle. Orchidna is the one of the first expedition team members as well as the key character to change the world of Archeage. In the teaser, Orchidna asked “Why so late?”. But we do not know whom she is talking to. XL Games will continue to release the story teaser movie in a series.

Registration for CBT5 will be closed on the 20th of August and announce the 1st result on the 10th and the 2nd result on the 22nd. The total of CBT5 members will be around 150,000. CBT members could play the game the day before the official CBT5 starting date at 500 PC Bangs.

Archeage recruits 5th CBT testers from Korea and China

Tencent, Chinese publisher of Archeage, announced that they will hold an event, which selects testers for the Archeage 5th CBT. Jake Song announced that Chinese users could join 5th CBT for Korea as well at Tencent press conference on the last March.

XL Games will prepare the client software that supports multi-languages for the 5th CBT and receive feedbacks globally.

XL Games is recruiting testers for the 5th CBT in Korea as well. However, the schedule for the test has not been confirmed.