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ArcheAge Ready to Hit the World


XL Games’ MMORPG <ArcheAge> is in preparation to hit the global market.

It begun its closed alpha test(CAT) in NA last April 8. The developer has not only kicked off the CAT in NA but also added more content in Japanese and Russian servers as well as prepared localization of the game in China.

In Russia and CIS, 1.8M users and 200,000 DAU are enjoying the game although it has been only two months from its service. Meanwhile in Japan, it is trying to leap once again through new updates and transition from monthly subscription to free-to-play since last 24th. Its two-month-long 2nd CAT in China is also scheduled in May.

“We have started servicing Russian server following Japanese server, and we are about to start NA and Chinese server this year. <ArcheAge> would be the global MMORPG with players around 60 countries by the begining of next year,” said EunJa Sung the BD director of XL Games.

XL Games to “reveal Civilization Online in 2014 H2”


XL Games Inc.’s upcoming title <Civilization Online> steps into its CBT phase this year, and the much hushed mobile RPG is also on its way.

<Civilization Online> is a sandbox MMORPG, co-developed by the joint operation of 2K Games and XL Games.  Unlike other MMORPGs out on the market, <Civilization Online> stands out in having a session-type play that has specific endings.  Each of the sessions will last for over a couple of weeks, and during that time a player will be participating in the growth of the civilization in forms of ‘jobs,’ such as builder, soldier, settler and others until the achievement of the ultimate goal of the sessions, such as world domination, space travel, etc.


Jake Song, the CEO of XL Games, has commented about the game: “In a way, the game is a bit awkward to be phrased an MMORPG, and we worry a lot because of this.  Maybe if <Civilization Online> becomes very successful, it’ll create a word to describe its own genre of games?  Of course, there is the other end of the spectrum, where it does very badly and just be remembered as ‘there was once such a game.’ (laugh) This upcoming CBT will be our first taste of the reality.”


Song imagines <Civilization Online> to be an MMORPG that even the most light and casual players can enjoy to the fullest.  With the game system that allows the contribution of many players towards one ultimate goal, the idea of ‘light session of an MMORPG’ can really be born into reality.

Song further commented on the game: “We also believe it to be very important that we keep the distinguishing features of the <Civilization> series.  The series had various goals and victory requirements that spanned from wars to culture and science.  If this were to be turned into an MMORPG, wouldn’t it be interesting to give the players the choice to choose what they want in their game?  Players may choose to have a competition of ‘who builds the Great Wall of China’ fastest, and the opinions of players in the same civilization may differ, opening up the opportunity for further discussion and debate.  These are the main distinguishing features of the <Civilization> series, and we hope that it will be the same for <Civilization Online>.”


<Civilization Online> currently has 60% of the content ready for the OBT, and it plans to update according to the user feedback during the upcoming CBT.  As uncommon as a session-type play MMORPG is, the main concern of the CBT will be to form the test contents in a user-friendly manner.

Archeage employee fights with a user

This week must be a horrible time for XL Games, the developer and publisher of Archeage.

A user who could not find how to do User Authentication for Archeage visited XL Games office to solve the issue. However, there have been arguments between a user and an employee. An employee from Human Resource team fought with the user while they are talking and insulted him. The user recorded all the conversation and uploaded it to a community. It soon went spread among several Archeage communities and became a huge issue.

They fought each other because the user showed violent actions because the employee did not willing to help him to solve the issue. However, most gamers from Archeage communities said it is XL Games fault because they cause the problem first and not treated a user as their customer when a user visit the office instead swear at him.

As a result, Jake Song, CEO of XL Games issued an apology and punished some employees. The employee who fought with the user is fired while some of his superiors at the team are suspended and received the salary cut. XL Games promised they will provide better customer service.

Archeage starts the commercialization

Archeage started the commercialization from the 16th of January with monthly subscription fee. Generally, the number of users declined rapidly after the commercialization especially for monthly subscription online games.

Archeage still have 25 servers running after the commercialization with 4 servers having waiting lines, 19 servers showing busy status. However, those waiting lines became shorter by one third. Considering there are 4~5,000 users per server, some populated servers have lost 20% of the total.

Comparing to the commercialization result of Aion, Archeage is quite successful as well. Archeage is ranked #5 after the commercialization, just one step behind Aion.

XL Games introduced a new continent as well as raising the level cap to lvl 50.

Archeage choose a hybrid payment method

People have been curious about which payment method would Archeage choose, Monthly Subscription or F2P, since OBT was started.

XLGames announced that Archeage will be serviced as a subscription based MMORPG with in-game item shop. Archeage has been developed as a subscription based MMORPG from the start. There have been only 2 MMORPGs choosing monthly subscription as a payment method since 2010 in Korea; Tera and Blade&Soul.

The monthly subscription fee for Archeage is 19,800 Won (About US$19) for 30 days and 47,500 WON (About US$45) for 90 days. It is similar to World of Warcraft and Aion.

Archeage is ranked #5 at Korean PC Bang rank. It is expected to be launched a commercial service around mid-January.