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Weekly Korean Mobile Ranking – 2nd Week of June

June 9 ~ 15
Top Free Games Top Revenue Games
Ranking Title Title
1 Wooparoo Saga for Kakao Blade for Kakao
2 Don’t Tap the White Tile Anipang2 for Kakao
3 Chagu Chagu for Kakao Wooparoo Saga for Kakao
4 Windrunner2 for Kakao Seven Knights for Kakao
5 Cookie Run for Kakao Taming Monsters for Kakao
6 FIFA Online 3M FIFA Online 3M
7 2048 Everyone’s Marble for Kakao
8 Be a Star! for Kakao Chagu Chagu for Kakao
9 Blade for Kakao Be a Star! for Kakao
10 Monster Warlord Dragon Guard for Kakao
Top Free Games Top Revenue Games
Ranking Title Title
1 TwoDots Blade for Kakao
2 Tengai Seven Knights for kakao
3 Cookie Run for Kakao Summoner’s War
4 Princess Maker for Kakao Ani Pang2 for Kakao
5 2048 Everyone’s Marble for Kakao
6 Game of War – Fire Age Clash of Clans
7 Rival Knights Taming Monsters for Kakao
8 Don’t Tap the White Tile Be a Star! for Kakao
9 Chagu Chagu for Kakao Candy Crush Saga for Kakao
10 Anypang2 for Kakao Cookie Run for Kakao

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Kakao Lets Android Comes First Before iOS


Kakao deleted a regulation that enforces a game on ‘Play Kakao Games’ to be released on both Google Play and Apple Appstore. The change will be made by May 1.

Kakao implemented the regulation in March 2013 in order for players from both Android and iOS to play altogether at the same time. But this regulation came to the developers as money and time waste because they were forced to develop the game for both platforms simultaneously.

The change is made because Apple’s long review on a game brought a delay in release at once. If a game is rejected from a 2-week-long review of Apple Appstore, another 2 weeks takes to get reviewed.

Considering that iOS only takes 5~10% market share in South Korea, it’s really inefficient for the developers. “We deleted it in order to ease off our partners’ burden of releasing both platforms at the same day. But a game for iOS should still be available,” said Kakao.

Six of Top 10 Android games from Korea

Korea and Japan dominate Android Market. 6 of TOP 10 games for Andorid are from Korea. Based on Google Play Revenue ranking, Korea and Japan are selected as the fastest growing countries. Especially, 95% the total revenue at Google Play Store in Korea comes from games category.
Puzzle & Dragons from Gungho Online was #1 on February while Cha Cha Cha of CJ E&M took 2nd, Windrunner of Wemade was 3rd. Among 6 Korean Android games, 4 of them have been published through KAKAO Talk.
However, no Korean mobile games have been listed on iOS top 10 games. The reason why Korean mobile games are strong at Android market could be founded on the domestic mobile environment. Android occupied 80% of Korean mobile market with the world most famous Android mobile phone manufacture – Samsung.


Archivil is connected to Archiage

XL Games released Archivil for iOS on 27th of March, Android version will be available as well. Archivil is a hybrid mobile game that is connected with MMORPG Archiage.
The game is basically about managing the village with the character called ‘Minion’. A player could create various items while planting and raging cattle. These items could be sent to Archiage through the mail system. Items are varied from rare pats to portions. Now the game is connected to Archiage test server.
Even though a friend of Archiage users is not playing Archiage, he could send items to a friend who is playing Archiage as a gift. The game is focused on a single play mode now, but social features will be added in the future. iOS version is now available.

KAKAO asks developers to launch iOS, Android version at the same time

KAKAO Game has changed their policy. All mobile games published through KAKAO platform are needed to launch both iOS and Android version at the same time. It was recommendation, but it is obligation now.

The decision is positive for iOS users, but gives another burden to developers. In fact, some mobile game developers who are preparing to launch games on KAKAO are re-arranging the launching schedule because of the policy changing.

Good for users

Andorid has dominated Korean smartphone OS market with 80% penetration rate. Therefore, most mobile games on KAKAO have been launched to Android OS first. iOS version used to be introduced 2 to 6 months later.

Hit KAKAO games such as ANIPANG, DRAGON FLIGHT were no exception. However, iOS users could enjoy KAKAO games with Android OS users at the same time from now on. The main reason KAKAO changed its policy is that it is critical to enjoy KAKAO games with friends no matter what platform they are using because KAKAO games heavily rely on competitions and cooperation with friends while playing.

Part of Global Strategy

Launching games for both OS is important for KAKAO to pioneer into Global market as well. Because iOS market is bigger in the international market and revenue is higher on iOS than Android OS.

KAKAO is trying hard to penetrate Japan, SEA, SA mobile market with its main weapon – games. LINE from NHN is preoccupying Japan, Taiwan and other SEA countries now.

Another burden for developers

It might be no matter to developers who are preparing their games to launch both platforms. However, many developers are changing their launching schedule now. If a developer has not chosen an engine that supports cross-platform playing, it is like making 2 different games. In addition, managing updates for both versions are not easy tasks for small-mid size mobile game developing companies.

Some developers complained that KAKAO announced policy changing too suddenly. Even though new policy will be applied from the 12th of March, they let developers know on January.

Wemade launched ‘EveryTown for KAKAO for iOS, Android at the same time on the 5th of March.