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New Action MORPG Dungeon Striker is announced!

NHN announces Dungeon Striker, a brand new Action MORPG from EYEdentity Games, publishing schedule today. NHN schedules its first OBT on the 27th of April through Hangame.

Dungeon Striker is designed for everyone. It eliminated the complex control system, limited classes, and requiring long play hours. Instead, it has ultra-speed combat such as hitting 10 times per second, unlimited transferring class system etc.

4 Classes for the 1st OBT

The game will provide 4 classes for the 1st OBT: Warrior, Ranger, Mage, and Cleric. A user could create his own character like a cloak-able warrior or a mage with healing abilities by combining each class.

Users could apply for the 1st OBT from today at the official site: http://ds.hangame.com

For more in-game screenshots and teaser movies, please click here.

NCsoft Announced Lineage Eternal!

NCsoft GStar Premiere event is held today for press, prior to GStar2011. They brought up two of their best MMORPG franchises – Guild War and Lineage. While Guild War 2 has been presented at various game events, there is almost no information at all for the new series from Lineage. NCsoft finally revealed!

The biggest announcement from NCsoft is Lineage Eternal – the next generation MMORPG as well as the newest of Lineage series. The teaser movie was revealed, but they did not allow recording it. You need to visit GStar2011 to watch it through Art Theater at NCsoft’s booth. Otherwise, you need to wait until it is available to all.

Lineage Eternal provides quarter view type full 3D graphics like Diablo3 from Blizzard Entertainment, but it is much realistic than Diablo3. It has also large scale siege warfare since siege warfare is almost like a trademark for Lineage series.

Did I tell you that the new game is non-targeting action MMORPG? Lineage Eternal provides more action than before as well. Especially drag skills, which follow your mouse’s moving trace and smart view system, allow you to feel more you are actually in specific situations.