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‘KEMONO Friends Puzzle’ Official Service Launch

(22, Feb, 2018) ‘FUNPLE STREAM (CEO, Hyun Kim)’ has released new mobile 3-match game ‘KEMONO Friends Puzzle’, the first game of ‘KEMONO Friends’ animation IP which is loved by global fans through the Google Play & App Store for the official global service launch on 22th February 2018.

‘KEMONO Friends Puzzle’, has a various concept of 1,000 stages which has the contents of ‘KEMONO Friends’ animation such as ‘Finding a lucky beast’ or ‘’Cerulean’ appearing’ events. Moreover, the user could play ‘KEMONO Friends Puzzle’ game without an internet connection and if they want, they also can play online for the competition with other users.

KEMONO Friends’ animation is the one of the biggest Japanese media-mix project ‘KEMONO Friends’ that is the story of personification character of wild animals gathering in the fictional zoo ‘JAPARI PARK’. This animation was released in January 2017 and got big hit from Korea, Japan and the global.

Service Director of Game Business Cell of FUNPLE STREAM mentioned that user can enjoy various features of globally loving ‘KEMONO Friends’ animation within the game and everyone can simply play based on the easy play method,

■ Additional information of ‘KEMONO Friends Puzzle’

Android version:

iOS version:


FUNPLE STREAM, Japan is a game publishing company of FUNPLEWORKS ( of Seoul, Korea. Since 2013, FUNPLE STREAM diversified services including game operation, marketing and publishing for the entire game services with the best game companies such as NC soft, Blizzard, etc. FUNPLE STEAM seeks to evolve with the online and mobile game by investing in innovation, providing a hospitable environment for partners, and staying close to the user. 

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Nasmedia Talks about Mobile Games Marketing great tips in Korea at GDC 2015

SEOUL, South Korea – Feburary 26, 2015 – While Korean market is emerging as an attractive market in mobile games, Nasmedia, a digital media agency that has achieved successful games marketing campaigns in Korea, is planning to share strategies and some great tips of mobile games marketing in Korea at the GDC 2015 as one of the exhibitor.

Korea has been already known as a highly attractive gaming market, which holds the 3rd place of Google Play ranking, and the highest grossing countries following US and Japan. Moreover, Korean gamers’ retention is 14.3 weeks on average, 5 weeks longer compared to US. Many global game developers, such as Supercell, King and Gaia mobile, already have launched their games in Korea and have shown impressive performance.

“In order to succeed in Korean mobile gaming market, localized strategy, IMC marketing and Android-oriented marketing are highly essential.” advised Byungjo Kim, director of Nasmedia. One of the campaigns that has achieved as the top No.1 gross ranking in the Google Play in Korea has executed IMC marketing through various media such as mobile, online, TV and OOH, with their ‘korean-ized’ game. Global game developer’s digital media partner, Nasmedia has contributed to their soft landing in Korean market by executing ads through mobile, online and OOH advertising. Nasmedia plans to share more detailed insider tips about Korean mobile games marketing to the visitors in the GDC 2015.

Nasmedia shares the following contents in the GDC 2015:

a. Main characteristics of Korean mobile gaming market.

b. Characteristics of Korean mobile gamers.

c. Koreas mobile games marketing trends and insider tips.

Nasmedia is participating as an exhibitor in GDC 2015, ensuring to keep its effort building success stories in Korean gaming market for game developers, based on various success experiences and broad media coverage.

GDC 2015 will be held in San Francisco from March 2 to 6. To get more information and success strategies about Korean mobile gaming market, be sure to visit Nasmedia’s booth no.542 in GDC 2015 or contact the following E-mail address:

Company Information

Nasmedia is the biggest digital media agency in Korea that specializes in Mobile games  marketing.(31% market share in Korea’s PC and mobile Display Ads) And Nasmedia is a group company of KT(Korea Telecom) and the only Digital Media agency that has been listed on the KOSDAQ. They have their own proprietary platforms with cutting-edge technology, which is including Ad Exchange, SSP, DSP, retargeting Ad Network, etc. Nasmedia has achieved successful games marketing campaigns in Korea with various game developers such as Supercell, Gaia Mobile so far.

Contact Information

Byungjo Kim

3, 4, 5F, 292 Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Bowling King Launches Worldwide for iOS, Android and PC

Seoul, South Korea. (June 23, 2014) – PNIX Games officially launches a new Free to Play mobile game Bowling King. Since the soft launching in Canada in February, the game has attracted a great number of public attentions.

Bowling King is a real-time 1:1 bowling match game with realistic full 3D graphics, which promises the best bowling game experiences ever. The game let you play with players all around the world and with your Facebook friends in real-time, featuring terrific bowling balls such as Flame Thrower and Tron with stunning background of Los Angeles, Caribbean, etc.

With the worldwide launch, Bowling King has added a new feature called ‘Trickshot mode’ in which you challenge to play bowls where various obstacles in the bowling lane interrupt your way. It is available both in multiplay and single play modes. Particularly, it is so challenging that only a player scored perfect so far in the single play mode.

A special sale on the bowling balls and free chips are ongoing to celebrate its worldwide launch.

Bowling King supports iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and PC, and is now available at Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, and Facebook App Center for free.

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PNIX Games
PNIX Games is founded in Korea in May, 2012. It has successfully launched a FPS mobile game Gun Zombies series which has achieved 10 million downloads. Its second title Bowling King, a real-time 1:1 multiplay bowling game, was first launched in Canadian Appstore in February, 2014.

Bowling_King_Caribbean_Trickshot play Bowling_King_Caribbean_Trickshot play_1 Bowling_King_Lasvegas_Trickshot play Bowling_King_Multiplay Bowling_King_Singleplay

Classic MMORPG for Mobile Arcane Hearts Mobile Revealed


Playworks reveals their first ever mobile MMORPG <Arcane Hearts Mobile> on 8th of May.

<Arcane Hearts Mobile> is based on Playworks’ web based MMORPG <Arcane Wars>, featuring all the essential MMORPG systems with real-time raids in an open-field, instant dungeon raids for parties, siege battles for guilds, 1,200+ quests and so on. Besides, it also supports automatic move and battle not only for those who are familiar with the classic MMORPG but also for new players.

“<Arcane Hearts Mobile> is a game we put all our effort in a limited time,” said KwangYul Kim the CEO of Playworks. “The game would bring a refreshing breeze into the mobile gaming market.”

Playworks is a developer comprised of those who made world’s first flying MMORPG <Flyff>.

Million Lore Adds Core Contents ‘Three-Kingdom Battle’


Actoz Soft Publisher( announced the core contents ‘Three-Kingdom Battle’ of <Million Lore>, Joint development of Square Enix and Actoz Soft, on May 5th. The core content is RvR that was never seen in Million Arthur.

Users will have a fierce battle with other users joined Wei-Shu-Wu. The ultimate goal of ‘Three-Kingdom Battle’ is to occupy more castles through ‘Occupation’ and ‘Struggle’ than other kingdoms.

The final goal is to occupy a lot of castles until the finish of war by joining attack and defend against with other kingdoms. Each kingdom will have a chance ‘Struggle’ to attack and defend them after occupied the castles.

If users success to take over or defense castles within Three-Kingdom Battle, rare cards and game items become acquirable. The users who ranked top will have chance to get rare cards and game items no matter who win.

All users who participated in Three-Kingdom Battle will get ‘High experience cards’, ‘Recovery AP’ and ‘Recovery BC’.

You can meet more detailed information ‘Three-Kingdom Battle’ through Faceboo (

<Million Lore> is the first joint development of Square Enix and Actoz Soft as well as <Million Arthur>’s spin-off title. The participant of global pre-registration event is gone beyond 0.5 million on May 5th.

Furthermore, <Million Lore> provides beautiful cards by renowned illustrators from Blade & Soul, famous Korean and Japanese illustrators and also, characterful voices from renowned Japanese voice actors.

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