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Welcome to Kiyat Games, Part12

Kiyat Games’ new webcomic is out! Click here for the previous.

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Civilization Online Revealed First Four Cilivizations

XL Games’ MMORPG <Civilization Online> released its four main protagonists on the 20th of March.

The four are comprised of Qin Shi Huang, Iulius Caesar, Hatshepsut, and Montezuma, respectively representing the four major civilizations in order of China, Rome, Egypt, and Azteca. In-game sceneries are revealed along.

<Civilization Online> is a sandbox open world MMORPG being developed by CryEngine 3, scheduling its first closed beta test within the first half of this year.



AD HyungTae Kim’s Next Move is Mobile Game

Nextfloor, a developer of mobile games <Dragon Flight> and <El Brisa>, announced cooperative development with Shift Up. Shift Up is a start-up mobile game developer founded by HyungTae Kim, ex-AD of <Blade & Soul>. It’s his first move after resignation from NCsoft and the MMORPG.

Shift Up conisists of many members from <Blade & Soul> development team. They are currently recruiting illustrators, concept artists, 3D artists, programmers, and game designers in order to work on the project veiled. The project should reportedly be out within the second half of this year.

“It’s honor to be with Shift Up’s start. We will put our best effort on this project with a renewed attitude,” said MinKyu Kim the CEO of Nextfloor.

“It’s so supportive that being with Nextfloor right next to us. I will do our best as an illustrator and a developer, and I am pretty sure that this cooperation is Shift Up’s chance to one step forward,” said Kim the CEO of Shift Up.


LoL Pro Gamer Attempted Suicide after Exposing Fraud

MinKi Chun, a former <LoL> pro gamer of AHQ Korea alias in-game name ‘Pimir’, exposed a <League of Legends> scandal and attempted committing suicide this morning.

According to Chun, a <LoL> pro team AHQ Korea tried to fix four games during the 2013 LoL Champions Spring. The cheated matches were two against KTB and another two against CJF.

He noted that only another teammate and he had participated the fraud and the rest did not know about that then.


MinKi Chun ‘Pimir’

The former pro gamer Chun exposed that the team AHQ Korea was founded by DaeChul Roh in order to make some money out of gambling. The team manager Roh did not provide his players enough food and supplies. He also even tried to convince the players to get out of the pro stage after making a big money out of the gambling. As the players refused his proposal, Roh sold three training PCs and kicked them out from the gaming house. He lied to them that he did so because he needed money to send to its sponsor AHQ.

Chun finally doubted Roh’s behaviour and asked AHQ team manager in Taiwan directly and found out his fraud. AHQ only lended its name, devices, and uniforms to the AHQ Korea. Not a penny was supported from AHQ at all.

We do not know how painful and threatened he was but he took a wrong choice committing suicide after his confession. He jumped off from 12th floor of an apartment but thankfully he survived and is hospitalized as a severe emergency patient now.

Riot Games Korea formed a task force to investigate the scandal and take care of Chun’s recovery.

“Though AHQ Korea is not a memeber of the association, we will investigate and respond to the scandal quickly and sternly since it is our duty and right to protect professional players. We assume this cas as racketeering and fraud,” said Korea eSports Association.


(Video) Blade & Soul to Go Monthly Subscription with Item Sales in Japan


The launch date for the Japanese service for <Blade & Soul> has been set to be May 20th.  The payment plan is to be on a monthly subscription along with additional item sales system.

NCSoft Corporation’s Japanese branch NC Japan held the “Blade & Soul Premier Show” on the 8th, inviting various reporters and around 350 users.  <Blade & Soul>’s plans for the Japanese service and the business model were introduced at this event.

NC Japan plans to begin with the initial character creation service in mid-April, and to follow up with a ‘limited trial’ service from May 13th to 15th.  Then from May 16th to 19th it is holding an ‘open trial’ service open to everyone, paving the way to the official launch on May 20th.

The payment system is to be based on a monthly subscription fee with the addition of item sales, and the specific prices have yet to be released.  Additional items are to be categorized into consumables, convenience items, and vanity items.

20140309234200_3254 (1)

Blade & Soul Premier Show

Two different packages will go on sale starting from May 9th, the Premium and the Standard.  While both packages will include 1 complimentary month, the limited edition package will allow the player to participate in the ‘limited trial’ service from May 13th to 15th.

A PC renting service is also in plan for those players without the appropriate computers to run the game optimally.  NC Japan begins its ‘NC Gamers Service’ starting in April, a PC renting service for the players.  The service requires the renter to pay for the rental computer for a span of 2 years (3,100 yen per month).  And when the renter fully pays over the span of 2 years, the computer is theirs to own.

Various marketing is also in preparation for the launch.  First, the <Blade & Soul> animation airs starting April 3rd on the Japanese channel TBS.  The animation is then to be aired across the country over 7 different channels.  The original sound track (OST) is to be released at the end of April, and a <Blade & Soul> novel is to be released in the ‘Monthly Shonen Magazine.’

NCSoft’s Bae Jae-Hyun CPO (Executive Producer) has commented at the Premier Show: “With today’s announcement <Blade & Soul> is officially starting its launching phase in Japan.  We are nervous yet excited to introduce <Blade & Soul> to our Japanese fans.”



JaeHyun Bae, CPO of NCsoft & director of Blade & Soul


Blade & Soul Animation poster