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SmileGate purchases SundayToz, priced at $120 million

<Cross Fire> and <AniPang> join hands.  SmileGate Holdings purchased 20.7% of SundayToz stocks for about 120 million dollars, and became the company’s largest shareholder.

SmileGate Holdings has announced on the 24th that their agreement with the creators of <AniPang> SundayToz is finalized.  This is the nation’s largest investment to date in the industry, with a purchase of 20.7% of the stocks priced at about 18 dollars per, totaling up to 120 million dollars.

While SmileGate became SundayToz’s largest shareholder with this purchase, there will be no changes to the executive branches of the companies.

SmileGate Holdings has been growing rapidly with <Cross Fire>, which is pulling in yearly sales of over 1 billion dollars in China.  In 2013, SmileGate recorded sales of 376 million dollars, business profit of 255 million dollars, and net income of 180 million dollars.

SundayToz on the other hand, recorded in 2013 yearly sales of 47.6 million dollars, business profit of 17.3 million dollars, and net income of 14.9 million dollars.  In just last January, they succeeded in reclaiming their presence in the industry with their sequel game <AniPang 2>, which reached over 8 million downloads in just 2 month of its release.  <AniPang 2> is currently (March 24th) ranked first in the Google Play store’s top grossing chart.

SundayToz’s CEO Lee Jung Woong commented on the agreement saying: “With the joining of the two companies, we now have access to world famous SmileGate’s foreign market presence, network, and know-hows.  For SundayToz, it is as if we have just received a blessing, and we plan to put much focus into advancing into the overseas markets.”

On the other hand, SmileGate Holding’s CEO Kwon Hyuk Bin commented that: “SmileGate is planning to hold back nothing in supporting the overseas businesses of SundayToz.  We truly understand and value the experience SundayToz has accumulated in the past 5 years of their business.  Both companies will continue to lead the industry in their own rights.”

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Tower of Ascension Introduces PvP Combat


“Player vs Player Combat, Right at Your Fingertips!”

Seoul, South Korea. (March 25th, 2014) – WarpPortal is excited to announce their latest update to the iOS smash hit: Tower of Ascension! They’ll be introducing the much anticipated all-new player versus player combat system, and allowing for the ease of Facebook to login and play! For update and event details:


Update Features: 

  • Facebook Log in system added.
  • Battle Arena(PVP) system added.
    • Normal and Ranking Battles
    • Special gamble monster cards added for each class.
    • New map “Candy land” added.
    • New costume items added.
    • Spirit system balance patched.
    • Class balance patched.

Tower of Ascension is completely free to download and play.  You can also enhance your game play with purchases from the “Shop” in the game through the App Store (iOS).

Download now!

Game Trailer:

Facebook Page:

Sonnori Announces Mobile Version of Horror Game White Day

Sonnori’s hit PC horror game from 2001, <White Day>, is to be launched on the mobile platforms.

Sonnori has created the official website and made the announcement for the mobile version of <White Day> on the 16th.  The original PC version of the game was created using the company’s very own Wangreal -means super real- Engine, dealing with suspicious and ominous events that occur at a school during the night.  Whether the new mobile version of the game is a remake of the PC version, or rather a new game with a new series has not yet been revealed.

The gameplay footage shown on the teaser site shows clue-finding game modes, a basic interface, and an ominous atmosphere which is to be expected from a <White Day> game.  On the other hand, Sonnori has yet to announce the details of the new game on any other forms of media other than their own teaser site.

Currently, there is no way to tell for sure if the new <White Day> game is a brand new mobile game that uses social networking, or if it is simply a PC-port mobile game.  Furthermore, the key developers behind the original <White Day> such as Won-Sul Lee, Eun-Seok Lee, and Gwan-Hee Suh are not taking part in the development of the new game.


AD HyungTae Kim’s Next Move is Mobile Game

Nextfloor, a developer of mobile games <Dragon Flight> and <El Brisa>, announced cooperative development with Shift Up. Shift Up is a start-up mobile game developer founded by HyungTae Kim, ex-AD of <Blade & Soul>. It’s his first move after resignation from NCsoft and the MMORPG.

Shift Up conisists of many members from <Blade & Soul> development team. They are currently recruiting illustrators, concept artists, 3D artists, programmers, and game designers in order to work on the project veiled. The project should reportedly be out within the second half of this year.

“It’s honor to be with Shift Up’s start. We will put our best effort on this project with a renewed attitude,” said MinKyu Kim the CEO of Nextfloor.

“It’s so supportive that being with Nextfloor right next to us. I will do our best as an illustrator and a developer, and I am pretty sure that this cooperation is Shift Up’s chance to one step forward,” said Kim the CEO of Shift Up.


Naver Band Ready to Compete Against Kakao

Naver is reportedly going to launch a new gaming platform on its SNS Band in April.

According to industrial experts, Naver is going to launch the platform with about 10 mobile games. The most of front-line would be brand-new titles while popular titles would follow up later.

The Naver Band is pretty attractive for mobile game developers because it just takes 20% of revenue away from them while Kakao Talk takes 30% away. That is, they guarantee the poor developers of maximum 64% of profit.

On top of that, the #1 portal site in Korea supports diverse promotion including webtoon PPL, gaming dedicated page, pre-registration event, CPA mileage save, etc. This is undeniable bait for the small companies in lack of marketing budget.

Besides the PC portal, Naver Mobile boasts 21M daily UV as of July 2013 and more than 20M has downloaded the Band as of October 2013. 20M is nearly a half of Korean population.

Emerging of the Band gaming platform, the industry is more than welcoming it since they have been waiting for another platform besides the Kakao which has been exclusively conquoring the market so far.

Exact date of the debut is not announced yet.