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Dragon Hunter, WeMade’s New Mobile RPG

WeMade Entertainment has revealed its new mobile RPG <Dragon Hunter>.  It plans to create a ‘modern RPG’ with substitution battle system, dungeon summon system, guild wars, and more.  The game was developed by the creators of WeMade’s <Dragon Mist>.  Let us take a look at the gameplay footage of this upcoming title.


Substitution Battle! Fight as pairs within 4-man teams

<Dragon Hunter> has a battle system that requires a party consisted of 2 attack-focused members and 2 support-focused members.  Only 2 members of the team can participate in battle at any given time, and players can switch the active pair with the other half of the team when they see fit.

When thinking of this simply, players may switch active pairs when their HP is depleted.  However, when considering the short time frame of invincibility upon switching and the various buffs applied according to the team composition, the pair switching can be done with plenty of strategy in mind.

For example, a player may battle in the normal areas with a warrior and an archer for the sake of speed and efficiency, and switch to a templar and a priest for the difficult boss battle.


Players may anticipate powerful attacks from boss monsters and endure those hits using the invincibility frame, or use hunters with projectile reflecting skill to survive a barrage.  Different team compositions trigger different buffs and debuff, requiring the extra thought process and forming the best team.

All movement and attacks in <Dragon Hunter> are done automatically.  This allows players to focus on the perfect timing of pair switching and skills.  The complex game system was designed with this in mind.  See blow for another gameplay video of <Dragon Hunter> which shows the actual game footage from the beginning to the tutorial.



Dungeon Summon System: Turning unused hunters into ‘dungeons’

<Dragon Hunter> opted out from the currently popular game system of ‘fully enhancing two monster cards to fuse to get higher ranked monster.’  Instead, the game has implemented a dungeon summoning system that sacrifices an unused hunter to create a new dungeon.

Depending on the quality of the sacrificed hunter, dungeons can be summoned with up to +2 ranks.  Certain hunters appear as bosses within these dungeons, and defeating these bosses will reward players with soul stones.  Collecting enough of these soul stones will award players will that specific hunter.


However, each summoned dungeons will only remain open for a certain amount of time, or until a certain amount of soul stones have been harvested from it.  Because of this, new hunters cannot be acquired in a single dungeon summon, and players must open numerous dungeons in hopes of opening the correct dungeons.  Summoned dungeons also contain special hunters that do not appear anywhere else in the game.



Experience buffs and dungeon sharing!  Focus on the guild system

A lot of focus has been put in guild communities.  While the specific numbers will differ depending on the level of the guild, experience and gold buffs will be applied by default, and summoned dungeons will also be shared within the guild.  Since players can only summon one dungeon at a time, more dungeon options will be available to them through other guild members.  However, this also means that the rarer dungeons will have higher demand, increasing competition for the soul stones.


A competitive feature that involves territory feuds between guilds will also be released after launch.  Additional features that encourage community activity such as large scale raids and 4 VS 4 PVP will also be implemented.  The WeMade development team hopes to promote social play and to make guild related activities important enough that players who neglect these features will feel that they are losing out on easy rewards.

Aside from this, they have added in-game help guides and tips to allow non-gamers to thoroughly enjoy the game.  Dragon Raids, a special dungeon system fitting of the game title, are also planned.


Weekly Korean Mobile Ranking – 4th Week of June

June 23 ~ 29
Top Free Games Top Revenue Games
Ranking Title Title
1 Chagu Chagu for Kakao Blade for Kakao
2 FIFA Online 3M Taming Monsters for Kakao
3 Mystery Party for Kakao Anipang2 for Kakao
4 Don’t Tap the White Tile Everyone’s Marble for Kakao
5 Death Angel for Kakao Seven Knights for Kakao
6 Farm Heros Saga for Kakao Clash of Clans
7 Clash of Clans Be a Star! for Kakao
8 Megapolis for Kakao FIFA Online 3M
9 Oh! Fighting Korea for Kakao Cookie Run for Kakao
10 Taming Successor for Kakao Wooparoo Saga for Kakao
Top Free Games Top Revenue Games
Ranking Title Title
1 Clash of Clans Clash of Clans
2 2014 KBO Blade for Kakao
3 TwoDots Taming Monsters for Kakao
4 Chagu Chagu for Kakao Seven Knights for kakao
5 2048 Anipang2 for Kakao
6 Game of War – Fire Age Be a Star! for Kakao
7 Cookie Run for Kakao Everyone’s Marble for Kakao
8 Everyone’s Marble for Kakao Summoner’s War
9 Anipang2 for Kakao Candy Crush Saga for Kakao
10 Asphalt 8: Airborne Cookie Run for Kakao

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Hive Integrates Gamevil and Com2Us


Today Gamevil introduced an integrated platform for global mobile games, <Hive>.

<Hive> is a platform that integrated Gamevil Circle, Gamevil Live, and Com2us Hub in order to let players from respective platforms play all together. It features membership functions and social community in addition to security, statistics, system management, game operation, and marketing tools. <Kritika: Chaos Unleashed> will be the first game launched onto the platform.

Gamevil took over control of Com2us with $68.6M last October.


Bowling King Launches Worldwide for iOS, Android and PC

Seoul, South Korea. (June 23, 2014) – PNIX Games officially launches a new Free to Play mobile game Bowling King. Since the soft launching in Canada in February, the game has attracted a great number of public attentions.

Bowling King is a real-time 1:1 bowling match game with realistic full 3D graphics, which promises the best bowling game experiences ever. The game let you play with players all around the world and with your Facebook friends in real-time, featuring terrific bowling balls such as Flame Thrower and Tron with stunning background of Los Angeles, Caribbean, etc.

With the worldwide launch, Bowling King has added a new feature called ‘Trickshot mode’ in which you challenge to play bowls where various obstacles in the bowling lane interrupt your way. It is available both in multiplay and single play modes. Particularly, it is so challenging that only a player scored perfect so far in the single play mode.

A special sale on the bowling balls and free chips are ongoing to celebrate its worldwide launch.

Bowling King supports iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and PC, and is now available at Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, and Facebook App Center for free.

- App Store :
- Google Play :
- Amazon:


PNIX Games
PNIX Games is founded in Korea in May, 2012. It has successfully launched a FPS mobile game Gun Zombies series which has achieved 10 million downloads. Its second title Bowling King, a real-time 1:1 multiplay bowling game, was first launched in Canadian Appstore in February, 2014.

Bowling_King_Caribbean_Trickshot play Bowling_King_Caribbean_Trickshot play_1 Bowling_King_Lasvegas_Trickshot play Bowling_King_Multiplay Bowling_King_Singleplay

Weekly Korean Mobile Ranking – 2nd Week of June

June 9 ~ 15
Top Free Games Top Revenue Games
Ranking Title Title
1 Wooparoo Saga for Kakao Blade for Kakao
2 Don’t Tap the White Tile Anipang2 for Kakao
3 Chagu Chagu for Kakao Wooparoo Saga for Kakao
4 Windrunner2 for Kakao Seven Knights for Kakao
5 Cookie Run for Kakao Taming Monsters for Kakao
6 FIFA Online 3M FIFA Online 3M
7 2048 Everyone’s Marble for Kakao
8 Be a Star! for Kakao Chagu Chagu for Kakao
9 Blade for Kakao Be a Star! for Kakao
10 Monster Warlord Dragon Guard for Kakao
Top Free Games Top Revenue Games
Ranking Title Title
1 TwoDots Blade for Kakao
2 Tengai Seven Knights for kakao
3 Cookie Run for Kakao Summoner’s War
4 Princess Maker for Kakao Ani Pang2 for Kakao
5 2048 Everyone’s Marble for Kakao
6 Game of War – Fire Age Clash of Clans
7 Rival Knights Taming Monsters for Kakao
8 Don’t Tap the White Tile Be a Star! for Kakao
9 Chagu Chagu for Kakao Candy Crush Saga for Kakao
10 Anypang2 for Kakao Cookie Run for Kakao

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