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LINE GAMES Announces Global Launch of Mobile Narrative CCG “Destiny Child”

LINE GAMES Announces Global Launch of Mobile Narrative CCG “Destiny Child” 
  • Begins service in 164 countries worldwide for Android and iOS
  • Has achieved no.1 grossing game app in Korea, and is currently servicing in Korea and Japan
  • Users can log in from various platforms, including Android, iOS and more
Seoul, South Korea – December 6, 2018 – LINE GAMES Corporation’s mobile CCG “Destiny Child” is now available to download and play in 164 countries on Android and iOS.
Developed by LINE GAMES and SHIFTUP, Destiny Child is a mobile CCG (Collectable Character Game) featuring the adventures of a lethargic Demon King candidate and his three supproting succubi, ‘Mona’, ‘Lisa’ and ‘Davi’. Users can collect and nurture over 300 characters, each with their own story, to unlock their full potentials and assemble all-star teams for various strategic plays.
The game features industry leading Live2D artworks by Korea’s famous illustrator Hyung-tae Kim, CEO of SHIFTUP, and offers versatile game modes that users can explore, from main scenario-based quests to PvPs like ‘Devil Rumble’, and daily missions including ‘Underground’, and ‘Event Dungeon’.
First launched in Korea in 2016, Destiny Child has establishsed itself as a popular IP, achieving No. 1 grossing game app just three days after its release on Apple App Store and Google Play. Embracing players and illustration enthusiasts, the game has held annual illustration contests, as well as offline artwork exhibition that all players can actively participate.
Celebrating the game’s global launch, LINE GAMES will carry out a special event ‘Devil Festa’, which will reward participants with valuable items including ‘5-star character summon scroll’ and ’10,000 onyx’.
Meanwhile, LINE GAMES is supporting multiple log in options to offer more convenient service to users worldwide. Users can choose to log in from their Android and iOS accounts, as well as social media accounts like LINE and  Facebook    . For more information on Destiny Child, visit official Facebook and  Destiny Child Global Community 

 Press Contacts

LINE GAMES Press Team: dl_press@line.GAMES

 About LINE GAMES Corporation

LINE GAMES Corporation (“LINE GAMES”) is an affiliate company of LINE Corporation (“LINE”) specializing in game business. Based in Seoul, Korea, LINE GAMES was established along with LINE’s acquisition of Korea’s leading game developer and publisher, NextFloor in August 2018. LINE GAMES is working closely with the global messenger platform LINE to develop and service high-quality titles for diverse genres and platforms. As a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software, LINE GAMES is currently pursuing global expansion of its game business, starting with series of global releases of its major hits including ‘Dragon Flight’ and ‘Destiny Child’.

Cartoon Network Arena soft launches at Singapore and New Zealand in June

A new game integrating various popular characters from Cartoon Network, an animation channel managed by the international media group Turner, has appeared.

Cartoon Network Arena is a strategy defense game of defending user’s own tower while destroying opponent’s tower first. 57 cards meticulously containing the original animation features as well as a tile system applied to boost up battle tension is its unique strength.

Kang Ji-Hoon, representative of Popjoy(developer of Cartoon Network Arena) says, “As we were using Cartoon Network IP that owns an international fandom, we’ve put all our effort into developing this game so that the fans as well as gamers all over the world would be satisfied.” He added, “We’ll do our best to reflect user’s feedback during soft launching and improve Cartoon Network Arena to become a more fascinating game.”

Destroying opponent’s tower first or achieving more tiles bring victories

The next generation MOBA game ‘The Day Online’ launches on Steam


  • Steam Early Access launching on April 3rd 9:00 pm PST (April 4th 12:00 am EST)
  • Play through The Day Online Store page on Steam
  • Watch brand new gameplay video

(April 3rd, 2018 – Seoul, South Korea) The next generation TPS MOBA game ‘The Day Online’ launches on Steam.

Reloaded Studios (CEO Ki-Yong Cho) announced that action MOBA game ‘The Day Online’, developed by Reloaded Studios, officially hits Steam Early Access on April 3rd 9:00 pm PST (April 4th 12:00 am EST) and reveals brand new gameplay video.

The Day Online allows players jumping right into the action by minimizing building and farming hassles during the early game period. The game also features casting skills without mana for speedy gameplay experience. While players are encountering endless small & large-scale battles, each battle will be very close because every player is targeting for last-hit.

Three unique battlefields such as Downtown, Resources Battlefield, Deathmatch have installments that could change the game. Therefore, it is important having both excellent individual skills as well as good teamwork and instant decision making to achieve victory. The gameplay video shows unique battle scenes at each battlefield.

You can download the game through The Day Online Store page at Steam:

The Day Online Gameplay Trailer #1

The Day Online Gameplay Trailer #2


About The Day Online

The Day Online, developed by Reloaded Studios, is TPS MOBA game for Windows® PC platform. The game is using top notch CryEngine 3 from Crytek in Germany. The game features skill based fast actions by drastically changing the loose play sections of existing MOBA games and provides endless battles to provide best excitement to all players. You can find more information at the official website(

About Reloaded Studios, Inc.

Reloaded Studios, Inc. (“Reloaded Studios”) was founded in Seoul, Korea in 2007 by one of the Korea’s online game pioneer Ki-Yong Cho, Co-Founder of Webzen (Nasdaq: WZEN) and Creator of MMORPG “MU” which became a phenomenal success across Asia with more than 50 mil subscribers. The other key members of Reloaded Studios consist of game industry veterans with tremendous development experience and network. Reloaded Studios is currently developing action oriented MOBA titled “The Day Online” which focuses on skill-based action and high-tension battles. For more information about Reloaded Studios, please visit

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Into the sweet puzzle with the lovely B.Duck

FUNPLEWORKS released the world first B.Duck IP mobile game “B.Duck : CANDY SWEETS”.

‘FUNPLE WORKS (CEO, Hyun Kim)’ announced that new 3-match mobile puzzle game “B.Duck : CANDY SWEETS” has officially released on 23rd March, 2018.

“B.Duck” is a globally well-known cute and familiar duck character of ‘SEMK Production Limited’ of Hong-Kong.

“B.Duck : CANDY SWEETS” has developed by ‘FUNPLEWORKS’ throughout the official license agreement with SEMK Products Limited and Korean B.Duck license company ‘SIG Co.,Ltd.’.(CEO, Chun-Sik Woo)’ and globally launched via Apple App Store and Google Play.

The gamer can enjoy total 1,000 stage of 3-match puzzles with the cute and sweet B.Duck character and the various stage mission such as ‘B.Duck’ cookie moving, sugar powder covering, finding a cake, etc.

Moreover, download size of this game App is only less than 35MB for the global user who has low spec mobile phone and who has a low speed of connection environment, this game doesn’t require an internet connection for single-play and also available to compete with other players online at user’s taste.

“B.Duck” is one of the most popular animal character in the world and especially familiar in the Hong-Kong, China, including Japan, South East Asia, Europe and South America.

There are over 2,100 offline stores which are distributing “B.Duck” IP products and it has about 4 Million fans & followers on the SNS including Weibo, Instagram and Facebook globally.

Soojin Lim, the Business Director of FUNPLEWORKS, said that “We hope all the people who love B.Duck and 3-Match puzzle will play “B.Duck : CANDY SWEETS” without any difficulties due to the mobile device spec or speed of internet connection. Please enjoy it”.

■ “B.Duck : CANDY SWEETS” Additional Information

Android version:

iOS version:


FUNPLEWORKS, INC. is a game base O2O platform operator which was established in Sep. 2012. And currently distributing various online/offline product such as ‘Overwatch Loot-box package’ of Blizzard, Google Play gift card, One Store gift card, Mobile product ‘Funple Pin’, etc. through the 2,000 ‘Funple PC café’ network. Also, FUNPLEWORKS is continuously preparing various mobile game titles such as ‘B.Duck : Candy Sweets”, “B.Duck : Sachunsung” and others for the global service.



Jeong Kipeum /

‘KEMONO Friends Puzzle’ Official Service Launch

(22, Feb, 2018) ‘FUNPLE STREAM (CEO, Hyun Kim)’ has released new mobile 3-match game ‘KEMONO Friends Puzzle’, the first game of ‘KEMONO Friends’ animation IP which is loved by global fans through the Google Play & App Store for the official global service launch on 22th February 2018.

‘KEMONO Friends Puzzle’, has a various concept of 1,000 stages which has the contents of ‘KEMONO Friends’ animation such as ‘Finding a lucky beast’ or ‘’Cerulean’ appearing’ events. Moreover, the user could play ‘KEMONO Friends Puzzle’ game without an internet connection and if they want, they also can play online for the competition with other users.

KEMONO Friends’ animation is the one of the biggest Japanese media-mix project ‘KEMONO Friends’ that is the story of personification character of wild animals gathering in the fictional zoo ‘JAPARI PARK’. This animation was released in January 2017 and got big hit from Korea, Japan and the global.

Service Director of Game Business Cell of FUNPLE STREAM mentioned that user can enjoy various features of globally loving ‘KEMONO Friends’ animation within the game and everyone can simply play based on the easy play method,

■ Additional information of ‘KEMONO Friends Puzzle’

Android version:

iOS version:


FUNPLE STREAM, Japan is a game publishing company of FUNPLEWORKS ( of Seoul, Korea. Since 2013, FUNPLE STREAM diversified services including game operation, marketing and publishing for the entire game services with the best game companies such as NC soft, Blizzard, etc. FUNPLE STEAM seeks to evolve with the online and mobile game by investing in innovation, providing a hospitable environment for partners, and staying close to the user. 

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