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[Gstar] Ready to fly to Busan?

A good news: you don’t need to be stuck at taxi for hours to get to KINTEX in Ilsan from Seoul to see Gstar anymore. A bad news: you need to take a flight (or train if you prefer) to see Gstar from now on because it’s in Busan (or Pusan as some folks know) now!

Not sure it’s a solution to boost dwindling attendance but it’s final. From November 26 to 29, Busan BEXCO will host the 5th Gstar.

[AION] Over 1M paying users in China

Looks like the last hope for Korean Online game industry, Aion is doing great in China as well. A Korean game media site,, posted an article on Aion.

According to a Chinese site, JLM Pacific Epoch, Aion’s paying users went over 1 million since its commercial launch on April 16th in China. Shanda, Aion’s Chinese publisher, is planning to add 3 more servers to current 93 servers.

Analysts estimated the loyalty revenue comes from China may be around 100 billion Won (approximately USD 77 million) per year. Last year NCSoft reported 240 billion Won (USD 184.6 million) revenue. (That’s a lot of zeroes..)