‘League of Legends’ EDM album ‘Warsongs’ is available for free

Riot Games release the remixed music album called ‘Warsongs’.

It features 11 League of Legends tracks. Each remixed by high profile or emerging EDM (Electronic Dance Music) artist such as Marshmello, Arty, MitiS, James Egbert, Mako, Hyper Potions, ProtoShredanoid, Jauz, Minnesota, Dan Negovan and Vicetone.

Riot Games led the charge and the studio’s creative producer Tyler Eltringham helped wrangle all of them into one album.Eltringham said non-gaming products like soundtracks and stories help them to breathe life into the characters and games.It’s available right now to download or stream in the US for free via Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Google Play, iTunes and the official League of Legends website – http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/site/warsongs/



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