eFun Company sets yearly sales of $50 million as its goal

“Starting the second half of this year, our goal is to reach yearly sales of $50 million and to become one of the top 10 mobile publishers within the country.”

During its company presentation on the 2nd of this month, eFun Company announced the company’s goals as well as its three new upcoming titles.  eFun Company announced its goals of reaching yearly sales of $50 million and of becoming one of the top 10 mobile publishers within Korea.

With its headquarter in Hong Kong, eFun Company has published mobile games in 20 different countries including China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asian countries.  So far, the publisher has been localizing and publishing foreign games such as <Three Kingdoms OL>, <New Journey>, and <Three Kingdoms PK>.  While eFun Company has had significant presence in Hong Kong and Taiwan so far, it has been quietly servicing its games in Korea.  However, the company plans to move actively starting this second half of the year.

The reason behind eFun Company’s decision is its belief in the theory of “If it works in Korea, it works in the World.”  The Korean market has an advanced network technology, and it holds its place as second place amongst the world’s Android markets.  The theory is that by gaining knowledge in Korea’s advanced mobile market, a game will gain that much more presence and potential to be competitive in the foreign markets.

The goal of reaching yearly sales mark of $50 million is also a part of the goal of becoming active in the Korean market.  Furthermore, the company has announced its intention in avoiding popular platforms such as Kakao Games and attempting to increase its sales by its own capabilities alone.  The marketing director Park Hyejung commented that: “We have previously launched <New Journey> on the Kakao Games platform, and we have decided that we will be able to reach the $50 million sales mark without the help of platforms.  Each of the games are different in their prospects, and we plan to adjust our marketing appropriately to them all.”

Furthermore, the company has announced its goal of overcoming Kunlun Korea to become one of Korea’s top 10 mobile game publishers.  The Branch President of eFun Company commented: “When we say top 10 mobile game publishers, we don’t mean solely in sales numbers, but that we plan to grow to carry that much ‘weight’ in our brand name.  We truly believe that we can overcome Kunlun Korea.”

eFun Company has also announced their plans to merge with the Korean mobile game publishing business in order to take the step towards becoming one of the top 10 publishers.

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