Game Industry Grew and Led Content Industry As Expected

In the first quarter of this year, game once again led Korean contents industry in terms of revenue and export income while some drives the game as one of addictive substance comparable to narcotic, alcohol, and gambling.

According to MCST(Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism) and KOCCA(Korean Creative Contents Agency)’s ‘2014 Q1 Contents Industry Trend Report’, the game industry of Korea achieved revenue of $2.866B and export income of $840M, respectively increased by 23% and 10.6% on year-on-year basis. Especially its export income took more than 60% of whole contents industry’s export income.

The game industry recorded the best growth(23.0%) in terms of the revenue, followed by broadcasting image producer(19.0%), movie(15.1%), contents solution(11.1%), etc. while it took third place(10.6%) in terms of export income following contents solution(18.8%) and music(14.7%).

In terms of total revenue and total export income of Korean contents industry, each recorded $2.29B and $1.38B increased by 6.4% and 8.0% on year-on-year basis.

The report researched on 86 listed companies and 600 unlisted companies and referred to a macro-statistical data provided by National Statistical Office and the Bank of Korea. For more information about the report, you can find it at or (if you can read Korean, tho. ;))


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