NCsoft’s Sleeping Titles About to Wake Up

20140516115031_7586NCsoft’s <Lineage Enternal> and <Metal Black: Alternative>are scheduled to go through closed tests within the second half of this year.

On 16th, NCsoft announced its upcoming line-ups for the second half of this year. <MBA> is a ‘shoot & bomb’ game first revealed in 2010, featuring TPS elements with AOS system. <Lineage Eternal> is also coming back from silence since last G-star 2011, featuring ‘drag-skill’ that casts skills in accordance with how you drag a mouse and interactive objects.


NCsoft’s mobile line-ups are announced as well. <Blade & Soul TCG> and other franchise IPs related to past games such as <Lineage> will be revealed in order.

Meanwhile, NCsoft’s <Guild Wars 2> just begun its official service in China on the 15th of May after its three closed tests since May 2013. KongZhonog, the Chinese publisher, chose one-time payment with no monthly subscription. Its pre-order has been sold 500,000 copies from last April 2 to 30.


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